Azeri Document translation services

When it comes to understanding the international business you need to file the documentation from the perspective of the native language. Documents are translated by the certified linguists with high-quality Azeri document translation services for any type of document let it by manuals, user guides, instructions, terms, and conditions or more, CCJK has invested heavily in retaining in-source and outsourcing number of linguist experts to accommodate the client whenever required. Why not have leverage when entering a foreign market?

Azeri Technical Translation Services

More than 90% of the industries are moving towards translation services when planning for a new domain. Why? To better keep up with the understanding of the local culture and technology sector. Taking the initiative for the adaptive purpose can uptake your business holding as a new player in the market. Our team of dedicated linguist and certified translators share the experience b delivering according to the required niche like;

· Product datasheets
· Desktop publishing
· Management support system
· Protocols
· Surveys
· Trial questionnaires and more so that all Azeri technical translations can be provided under one roof.

Azeri technical translators are experienced and extremely professional towards their code of work. Customer satisfaction is important to us.

Azeri Medical Translation Services

Science and technology go hand in hand undoubtedly, but even so, communication is the linking factor in every industrial aspect. CCJK is providing quality Azeri medical translation services so to avoid any trouble where lives are concerned. Accuracy and precision is what our translators deliver in Azeri medical translation when it comes to translating;

  • Diagnosis
  • Medical reports
  • Healthcare
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical and more

Human morality doesn’t only rely on treating the patient for a disease but also on providing the rightful input to guide and to provide proper information.

Azeri Website Translation Services

Make your presence online more prominent in the short period by utilizing the website translation services of CJJK. The group of native translators assure the global companies to be able to redefine themselves in a foreign market with their business context about the linguistic view and set up a new website.

The idea of marketing strategies is revised with an understanding of the local market. The native linguists gather their skills at a single platform, to diversify the business of the clients professionally.

Let the experts handle it

Looking for professional Azeri translation services? Need a reliable service? We are there for you.

What makes you more successful is when you localize your business at the global level. Our Azeri translators help you to proceed at an international level with ease and confidence, that you have the correct information translated in your back pocket.

Are you interested in targeting a new market niche? We are all game! A perfect translation can turn the tables for you in a long run.  Hire us for professional Azeri translation services to achieve your goal.


We hire native language experts, certified with the proper understanding of the Azeri language. They are experienced in the subject matter.
We at CCJK ensure that the project is completed within the allotted time, required by the client. We provide Azeri translation services with the fastest possible turnaround. On average, each translator translates up to 3000 words per day.
CCJK is certified by ISO 9001:2008. We cater to a certified team of native translators with management skills. The original meaning of the content is retained with care.
CCJK offers document translation in every format. We do not limit our translation services to a specific format.
Cost for each language varies with dwelling prices in the market. Therefore, cost is dependable on per word basis and time factor constraint can be the reason for the pricing upgrade. But usually, our translators translate 2500-3000 words per day.

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