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At CCJK, we have experienced and well-trained translators who are proficient in Hausa language nuances and provide the best Hausa translation services to international clients. Hausa is widely influenced by Arabic and you will find many Islamic terms and concepts in the language. This language has a long history of trade and commerce and has been used as a key language for commercial activities in West Africa. Hausa has a rich oral tradition and it has also been used in storytelling and traditional ceremonies. Here, you can get professional Hausa translation services faster and in a more cost-effective manner.

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A significant portion of the population in West African regions, such as Nigeria, Niger, and Ghana, speaks Hausa. If you want to expand your business to West Africa, you must communicate with target audiences in their local languages. We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your documents and provide you with high-quality English to Hausa translation services at competitive rates.

You can trust us with your critical business document translation and get accurate and speedy services. Contact us now and let our certified Hausa translators handle your translations.


We translate all kinds of Hausa documents

We have skilled translators at CCJK, providing premium-quality Hausa translation services to clients worldwide. CCJK Technologies is your reliable Hausa translation agency for a wide range of business domains.

Technical translations into Hausa

For critical technical document translations, you must hire a trusted Hausa translation company with technical translation management experience. Complex technical fields like engineering and IT require subject-matter experts to handle the translation. CCJK is your trusted agency to get your technical documents translated into Hausa. We translate English to Hausa with clarity and precision. We employ a systematic approach to translation and ensure consistency in terminology and tone throughout your technical document project.

Hausa medical translation services

You need to hire a reliable language service provider to handle the complex and sensitive medical information. CCJK is your trusted company that has skilled linguists with a specialization in medical terminology. We are a professional agency that provides English to Hausa and Hausa to English translation services compliant with the regulatory standards of the healthcare industry. Here we have subject matter experts who very well know how to handle your medical documents adhering to the local law of a region and other industrial requirements.

Website translation into Hausa

Building a global business presence is the dream of every company and we make it possible for you by providing high-quality and resonating Hausa language translation services. Our professional translators don’t just translate Hausa to English and English to Hausa but also keep it culturally relevant for the target communities.

You can get our website translation services for all types of industries and domains. We provide industry-specific and customized translation solutions for your multilingual websites.

Hausa legal translations

Translating legal documents is one of the most critical aspects of expanding your business to foreign markets. Legal translations should be coherent, clear, and precise to effectively communicate with overseas stakeholders and run your business smoothly in a global marketplace. We help you translate your business documents to and from Hausa and keep them compliant with the legal system of the target country. At CCJK, we also follow strict confidentiality policies and a secure translation process to keep your legal documents protected.

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In our network of 30,000+ language experts, we’ve many native-speaking Hausa translators who know the language inside out. They know how Hausa is used in different parts of the world and are fluent in all dialects. When you want to hire our Hausa translation services, we’ll connect you with professionals who translate your documents by focusing on a specific dialect according to your target market.

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A top provider of Hausa translation services, CCJK allows you to choose between 230 language options to get your documents translated into Hausa or from Hausa to other languages.

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