Tamil Document translation services

Having industry-specific information is crucial to all business entities. Document translation helps to cater to the required information and utilize it to the advantage of the business. Keeping this point in mind, CCJK offers to provide industry niche translation services with incomparable rates. 

To translate is to be creative. Our expert translators critically assess the documents to provide quality worthy translation to the client in the fastest turnaround time. 

Tamil Technical Translation Services

Resonating with technical information is a crucial task. To boost the reach in the technical domain, always go for the right choice of translation services. CCJK inhabits a wide range of exclusively chosen translators that has a strong command on the technical terms of any desired niche industry.

Our technical translation services are reliable and completed in a precise time frame to avoid any delay. 

Tamil Medical Translation Services

Medical terminologies are important for the healthcare and pharmaceutical domain. Biotech creates a renaissance in terms of medical information and thus the medical industry extends its branches in other categories as well as life sciences, botany, zoology, microbiology etc. To cater to the translation need, CCJK provides immensely affordable medical translation services, results of hard work of native language experts. 

Our quick turnaround time and reliable resource of translators make our translation service trustworthy for the clients. 

Tamil Website Translation Services

Website translation is a useful key for international marketing strategy. To target, online users providing information in their native language can build a level of trust. CCJK has developed key website translation solutions with its team of certified translators. 

Our strategies for localization and translation are thoroughly tested before implementing it on the website. With translators of L2 and L3 expertise, our translation services are more than reliable. 

Let the experts handle it

Using a native translator has its own merits for a business line to thrive. Every documentation that passes through a pair of eyes, is translated professionally with no issues. Proofreading is a vital tool to make sure that our Tamil translation services are top-notch, and we ensure excellence by following a strict quality control process.

What makes CCJK proud of its services is our translators working nonstop to deliver a high-end tail for every industry. Either the content is technical or non-technical our Tamil translators are quick with the translation.

The translated content is our handwork, and a range of satisfied clients is proof of our reliable translators.


CCJK recruits translators at L2 and L3 for a guaranteed quality translation for the documents.
There is not a specific turnaround time but we handover the translated project in the fastest turnaround time. Usually, the completion time of every project depends on the length and time allocated by the client.
Our recruited translators are fluent in Tamil and other languages. A strict work code is followed to make sure the output is error-free. Proofreading is conducted as well to ensure the quality of translation.
We accept all types of document formats for translation. There's no compulsion on a specific type.
Translation charges vary according to the language and on the project’s length as well. Long-term customers are eligible for discount offers in case of lengthy translation projects. To get exact pricing for the project, you can contact us here.

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