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Do you want to expand your business in Sri Lanka? Tapping into a foreign country is a difficult task but you can make this task easy if you choose a reliable translation service provider. CCJK is here for your assistance. It provides you with seamless Sinhala translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates. We employ native translators that are selected after tough assessments.

Therefore, they provide you with impeccable document translation services irrespective of the length and complexity of the documents. Sinhala translators are not only proficient linguists but are also subject matter experts in their fields. At CCJK,  we assign a translator to your translation project based on their areas of expertise and experience so that they can provide you with professional Sinhala translation services.

Sinhala Technical Translation Services

Need technical translation services for international clients? Looking for a professional translation company? CCJK provides you with reliable results. We know the complexities of technical translation and know that any error can be dangerous both for employees and clients. Therefore, technical translators give attention to details whether it is a technical manual for the use of machinery or a product.

No matter how technical and complex your technical document is, We assign translators that are aware of your industry so that they provide you with seamless Sinhala translation services at a quick turnaround time.

Documents We Cover

CCJK offers professional Sinhala translation for different types of technical documents. These include:

  •         Process documents
  •         User documents
  •         Internal development documentation
  •         Troubleshooting report
  •         Product feature document
  •         Release notes
  •         Application Programming Interface (API)
  •         Contractual agreements

The technical terminology of every field is different. Moreover, technical translations have to be precise and accurate. Therefore, our industrial experts come up with their linguistic and technical expertise to provide you error-free Sinhala technical translation services.

Sinhala Medical Translation Services

Lots of research and development is taking place in the medical field in the developed countries. They share their developments with developing countries so that human beings on the planet can live healthy lives. Developing countries can take leverage from these medical researches through a medical translation service. CCJK is a professional translation company that provides you with seamless Sinhala medical translation services.

We have a team of native translators who are subject matter experts in the medical field and they keep themselves updated with all the medical changes. If you are in Sri Lanka and looking for medical document translation then we are here to provide you with seamless Sinhala medical translation services.

CCJK provides  medical translations for the following documents:

  •         Medical reports
  •         Questionnaires
  •         Medical policies
  •         Discharge summary
  •         Medical tests
  •         Medical history records
  •         Operative report
  •         Patient information leaflets
  •         Information and identification sheet

Medical translation is very important in living a healthy life. It is a very critical field. Therefore, there is no room for error in this field. Any error in this field can have havoc results on human life. Considering all these things, we assign qualified and experienced translators to your medical document translations. They are well-aware of the medical terminologies and provide you seamless Sinhala medical translation services on time. Strict quality assurance measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of medical document translations.

Sinhala Gaming & Video Game Translation Services

The gaming industry is flourishing with high speed because of its popularity among youth. You have developed a game and want it to be released in Sri Lanka. People will opt for your game if it is in their native language. Therefore, you have to go for Sinhala gaming & video game translation services. We have a team of expert translators who are aware of ins and outs of the gaming industry.

Moreover, they possess a year of experience in this industry. Therefore, they provide you with affluent gaming translation services and video translation services. With our services, you will feel that the game is specially designed for you. CCJK aims to provide a pleasant gaming experience to its clients. It provides you with Gaming & Video Game Translation Services in the following documents.

  • Online games
  • Mobile phone games for different platforms
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Product descriptions
  • Instructions
  • Help Information
  • Gaming controls and GUI’s
  • Service descriptions
  • Promotional material
  • Newsletters

Sinhala Website Translation Services

You can expand your business in the world with the help of a professional website. It is your first point of contact. No matter in which part of the world you are in, you can sell your products and services to the person who is far away in no time. 72% of the potential customers are prone to buy your products and services if you provide the information in their native language. Therefore, to tap into the lucrative market of Sri Lanka, you have to go for Sinhala website translation services. Different ethnic groups are residing in Sri Lanka. Moreover, they speak different dialects. CCJK has a team of native translators that are aware of linguistic, cultural, and regional intricacies. Therefore, they provide you with robust Sinhala website translation services.

Translation of the website is a tedious task. Apart from language, the user interface, colors scheme, time and date, and payment mode should be according to the culture of the target market. Our Native translators are aware of all these cultural nuances. Therefore, they provide you with website localization services. CCJK understands that if localization is not considered in website translation, then it will damage the reputation of the company and will result in heavy losses.

Let the experts handle it

Sinhala is a unique language. Many of us must not be aware of this language. In this era of globalization, translation services are very important to communicate with the world in their way of communication.  CCJK is a professional translation company that is leveraging the translation industry for many years. No matter how unique or rare your language is.

Our native Sinhala translators are proficient in their language and have expertise in their fields. Therefore, they provide you with Sinhala translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates. CCJK is one of the leading translation service providers in the world. You can opt for its services without any hesitation. You will get the value of money from our services.


CCJK translation is a professional translation company that has been facilitating the translation industry for two years. Whether you want Sinhala translation for technical documents or medical documents, we cover all your requirements. It has a team of native Sinhala translators who are also subject matter experts in their fields. Moreover, Mars employs a translator on your project who has prior experience and expertise in your field.
Translators at CCJK are hired after strict assessment from around the globe. Furthermore, CCJK is backed by ISO 9001-2008 that ensures the high-quality standards of Sinhala translation.
CCJK charges Sinhala translation projects according to language pair, selected industry, and the length of the project. The length of the project is determined by the total number of words. Therefore, the price is determined on a per-word basis.
No matter how critical or lengthy your Sinhala translation project is, CCJK provides you with impeccable translation services in a fast turnaround time.
The proficient translators at CCJK can provide you with robust website translation in more than 120 languages

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