Danish Document translation services

Translating your documents in the Danish language will help you target the Scandinavian business market. To fuel your global growth CCJK is providing you with Professional Danish Document Translation Services.

Our specialized native linguists and translators are just clicked away. CCJK provides you with state-of-the-art translation in a quick turnaround time and at affordable rates. Some of the Documents which are translated by CCJK are

  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates

Danish Technical Translation Services

There are different technical terminologies for every new invention. CCJK is providing its customers with industry-specific experts and subject matter experts who are suited to their translation content.

For example, a Danish technical translator will be assigned to translate user manual or product information brochure. Our translation projects are handled with care and they are time-bound. CCJK promises premium quality translation with its customers.

Danish Medical Translation Services

With the advancement of medical technology and medical health around the globe, medical translation is very important. Medical test, cure of disease and how to use medical equipment, all this information is very crucial for human life.

It should be translated with precision and accuracy. Knowing the importance of human life CCJK is providing premium quality Danish translation services around the clock with quick turnaround time and affordable rates.

Danish Website Translation Services

To survive in this global village and competitive market, it is necessary to adapt to the culture and language of the market to whom you want to enter. Although English is an international language English Websites are used by only one-third of the customer base.

Two-thirds of potential customers can be reached by translating your business in their native language.CCJK is helping you translate your website in the Danish Language. Translating your website in the Danish language will allow you to have a good reputation for your business in Scandinavian Countries.

Let the experts handle it

With a worldwide approach, CCJK has excellent recruits that make it hard to not try the translation services.

Cost is a big factor when hiring new services. We make sure to entail our professional Danish translation services to deliver the project within the fastest turnaround time. What can stop us from translating your documents? Only the completion of the project.

Get to know more by hiring us for translating your projects and you are guaranteed with the perfect Danish translation. Think we are expensive? Think again. Danish Translation is at your service, just what you deserve to move on with your products and services.


CCJK has a pool of certified native Bangali translators who are also subject matter experts. They will translate your documents with precision.
Without compromising on quality, CCJK completes all its translation projects in a fast turnaround time. Our translators translate 2500-3000 words per day. In the case of a lengthy project with a short deadline, we assign the task to more than one translator to ensure timely completion.
CCJK is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Besides, we strictly follow the hiring process and shortlist the best candidates for the gruesome tasks. We also offer proofreading and editing services to ensure impeccable results.
We offer our translation services in any available format. Clients do not need to convert the format before providing the data.
Based on language, nature of content and industry niche, the project's cost may vary. All translation charges are calculated on per word basis with the rate being determined by the language. In some cases, customers can also avail of discount offers. For more details, you can contact us here.

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