Slovenian Document translation services

What makes a business successful? Its maintenance of every bit of information accessed through all channels filed away. To be able to expand your business at a global level, it’s always better to gather information from the market have it evaluated. 

Translation services cater to the needs of evaluation by translating a foreign language into a local tongue. We, at CJJK, translate all types of the document with our certified team of translators at affordable rates.  

Slovenian Technical Translation Services

Looking for a technical solution for your business in a foreign market?

The best way to resolve the issue is to hire the best technical translation service provider. CCJK, with a proven record, offers its widely distributed services to online and offline businesses looking to invest in foreign local markets. Our translators are fluent in the local languages and specialize in the technical domain. Technical reports, surveys, manuals, etc., you just name it and all the documents will be translated efficiently at the allocated time.

Slovenian Medical Translation Services

Medical queries are never-ending. To stay at the top of competition medical services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals require to reach users overseas. CCJK is a guaranteed resource to provide excellent impending medical translation services in Slovenian and other requested languages as well. Our collaborated team of translators work with true dedication and keep updates about medical terminologies. 

Slovenian Website Translation Services

The first step to engage your target audience is to make your product and services in their native language. Sounds hard? It’s not. 

CCJK offers a grand range of website translation services, understands the cultural differences and how a language lays an impact on the global business. Our expert translators pay close attention to language formation while translating the website into multi-languages. 

Our clients have the added benefit of using our impeccable translation services at exceptionally affordable rates.

Let the experts handle it

A multi-lingual team of professional translators will help you target the customers at a global level.

Why not make a logical and professional decision that cuts expense? CCJK is the platform for Slovenian translation services with language experts who are native speakers and subject matter experts. Our team force resonates with an impeccable translation of every information handed over. Are you interested in achieving global success?

CCJK is the platform for translation services to add to your list!


CCJK ensure to hire the translators with the right demeanour for the project. Their profile set is matched with the project and then handed over accordingly.
Words translated in a day are 2500-3000. In the case of a short deadline, it can exceed up to 10,000 words/day. Hence, turnaround time mostly depends on the project’s length and other attributes.
To ensure a consistent standard quality of the translated document our translators not only rely on their proofreading skills but they are hired after proper tests and trails. It ensures that translation’s quality represents consistency. Likewise, tools such as translation memory are also practiced to avoid any inaccuracy.
All document formats are acceptable without any need to change before sending for translation.
Language pair, length of project, deadline and another requirement by the clients affect the price of the project.

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