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What does a business look for when hiring a translation service provider?

The ability to translate the document with immense care and precision. CCJK has remarkably been able to satisfy its customers in the long run. Because of its reliable and cost-effective translation services, our competent translation services have proved to be fruitful for clients to understand the global market. You can get a free quote for our Norwegian language translation services.

We deliver competent document translation services to 22+ industries. 

Norwegian Technical Translation Services

Global business expansion requires translation services. Why? Language is a prominent barrier for any business planning to expand globally. To succeed, you need technical translation services with adequate consistency. All documents are translated with finesse and accuracy by our native translators. CCJK’s translators satisfy wide industrial domains like 

  • Engineering 
  • Automotives
  • Aeronautical etc.

We ensure the quality of technical content by using reliable proofreading sources. Our utter confidence in customer satisfaction is what makes our services more useful.

Norwegian Medical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical and other clients falling in the category of sciences desire extensive translation services from time to time. To help develop a market understanding of a medicine or to bring in new surgery methodology in a local market, they need the information translated in a precise manner. 

CCJK is a reliable source to tally the medical translation services with an expert team of translators, fully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2001. With our proven medical background in delivering quality translation services, we upgrade info according to the need of the client. 

Norwegian Website Translation Services

To attract potential customers to your website, translation services are required. 

Online consumers are an ordeal of more than two languages at the same time. To target the right niche, online availability must not be restricted to any specific language. CCJK understands the importance of online convenience and provides certified translators to convert online content to maximum language usage. 

We help our client to target the bigger audience at the national and international levels with perfect and reliable website translation for the longterm. 

Let the experts handle it

Build a link with your customer in the most convenient way possible.

You can translate your documents and localize your websites to build a strong relationship with your customers. Hire us!

CCJK has comprised highly qualified Norwegian translators to translate any information as per demand by the client. We understand the importance of doing business globally. Therefore, we follow the peculiar strict code to translate the content to satisfaction. Our translators understand the various Norwegian dialects, the syntax and vocabulary are primarily focused to produce the desired translated document.  Choose CCJK as a reliable source for translation services.


Each document is translated by our professional team of native translators with a long term experience in delivering proficient translation services.
With no specific time limit, the turnaround time of a translation project depends on word count. Our translators deliver quality translation in the fast turnaround time. Our time efficiency is what makes us a reliable source for clients.
CCJK is ISO 9001:2008 certified and provides impeccable translations. To ensure premium quality we follow a strict shortlisting process, only then experienced translators are recruited to do the quality work.
We facilitate our clients by providing options to translation in all types of formats.
Translation charges depend on the language (on a per-word basis). Loyal customers can also avail discount offers in case of lengthy translation projects. Pricing may also vary with regard to the business niche and the nature of the content. To get exact pricing for the project, you can contact us here.

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