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Norwegian is the official language of 96% of the people of Norway. It is a North Germanic language and is closely related to Swedish and Danish. Moreover, the USA has more than 55,000 Norwegian speakers.

The International Norwegian speaking population accumulates to 4.4 million (2023) people. So, if your Norwegian company/business or brand is looking to go global, our industry leading Norwegian to English translation services will give you an ideal jumpstart over your competitors.

Transcend Borders With Norwegian Translation Services 

English is the global lingua franca and remains the bridge language on the internet. That is the key reason why Norwegian to English translation services are a prerequisite for Norwegian companies, brands, and businesses. Most of the Norwegian businesses, companies, and brands want to market their product and services to English markets. To professionally execute the technical milestone of cross border marketing, professional Norwegian to English translation services are a prerequisite.

Additionally, to ensure the quality and cultural relevance of the translations, acquiring top notch translation services is in vogue. Moreover, the unique vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, colloquial and cultural diversities, and references in Norwegian are different from English. The same is the case if you are pitching to Norwegian markets and require English to Norwegian translations. This is exactly where you need CCJK’s leading English to Norwegian translation services with a global force of subject matter language experts and more than two decades of industry experience.


We translate all kinds of Norwegian documents

Need to translate any Norwegian document? You’re in the right place. As a leading Norwegian translation agency, CCJK understands and fulfills the responsibilities of elite Norwegian language translation services.

Technical translations into Norwegian

Every language has its different grammar and vocabulary. But when it comes to technical writings and translations, the difficulty level of the technical vocabulary becomes twofold. That is why technical translations of the Norwegian language are complex enough to translate and verbalize without changing the original idea, context, and tone.

To carry out this crucial task, leading businesses, brands, and companies acquire industry leading Norwegian translation services, especially in the leading Norwegian sector of oil and gas. Whether you require English to Norwegian translation services or vice versa, CCJK can translate your requested technical documents today. Our respected clients always appreciate the linguistic fluency and cultural precision of delivered Norwegian translations.

Norwegian medical translation services

Medical science is evolving at a speed like never before. Continuous medical research and development happening at lightning speed and thus clear communication of essential information plays an essential and life saving role.

As an industry leading Norwegian language translation company, CCJK is always proud to help facilitate this information exchange process by providing affordable medical Norwegian translation services.

Website translation into Norwegian

Website translation is not a process of mere translations, it’s a technical practice essential part of the localization process. The main goal of website translations is to help bridge language and cultural barriers. It is the professional roadmap of any business, brand, or company that wants to go global.

CCJK is an industry leading Norwegian translation company and always delivers professional Norwegian translations. Request a quote today because we not only translate your website but also adhere to the specific Norwegian dialects of your requirements.

Norwegian legal translations

With more than two decades of legal translation experience, CCJK offers English into Norwegian, and Norwegian into English translations at speed. We are an ISO and ATA certified Norwegian translation agency. Furthermore, we offer translation of 800 language pairs and have experts from 25+ industries. Our satisfied customer base includes 500+ individuals, law firms, financial companies, brands, and retailers in many sectors.

These clients trust our modern Norwegian translation services in law regulations, intellectual property, tax, insurance, immigration, technology, and more. Our trademark due diligence enables us to keep your information secure and intact and saves you from unnecessary complexities and delays.

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In our network of 30,000+ language experts, we’ve many native-speaking Norwegian translators who know the language inside out. They know how Norwegian is used in different parts of the world and are fluent in all dialects. When you want to hire our Norwegian translation services, we’ll connect you with professionals who translate your documents by focusing on a specific dialect according to your target market.

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A top provider of Norwegian translation services, CCJK allows you to choose between 230 language options to get your documents translated into Norwegian or from Norwegian to other languages.

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