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CCJK is one of the most dominant translation provider of quality Croatian document translations for corporate and personal use. We strive to maintain reasonable pricing in over 80 language pairs. With over thousands of native and industry-specific linguistics worldwide we ensure to work round the clock and provide fastest turnaround

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CCJK provides professional Croatian translation services at incomparable prices. CCJK has a competent skilled pool of native Croatian translators. They have industry specific experience and a good understanding of the language in its context. We have a global working team which enables us to cater globally round the clock punctually.

CCJK mainly translates Croatian to English or English to Croatian, although we also provide translation into other language pairs. CCJK strives to provide exact and in-context Croatian translation services for Contracts, Brochures & Catalogs, Reports, User Guide / Technical Manuals, Website, Software, Books & Magazines, Correspondence, Certificates, Legal Documents and Multimedia Presentations. We ensure that all our translations are carried out by native speakers who have industry specific experience in specialties like Business Marketing or Advertising, Financial, Legal, IT or Telecommunications, Energy or Oil & Gas, Automotive, Architecture or Civil Engineering, Medical, Pharmaceutical and more.

Insight of Croatian Language

Croatian is a form of the Serbo-Croatian language spoken by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighboring countries. It is a polycentric language with four standard variations.

Standard and literary Croatian is based on the central dialect, more specifically on Eastern Herzegovinian, which is also the basis of standard Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin. There are four other dialects spoken by Croats which are commonly listed under the term "Serbo-Croatian" in English, but since this term is debatable for native speakers hence it is sometimes referred to as such as "Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian" are therefore sometimes used instead, especially in diplomatic circles. It is the official language, language of education, and language of mass media, all of which have contributed to its increased prestige.

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With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality centric approach and professional services have earned it the reputation of the most trusted language service provider across the globe.

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