People speak multiple languages around the world. Each country in the world has its official language. However, to deal with other countries, they have to communicate with them in their native language. In this way, some languages hold global importance. Due to global use, some languages are flourishing whereas some languages are getting extinct. It is projected that 30 years from now, only those languages will be spoken in the world that is widely used today. The world has become a global village. In this global village, you can easily expand your business outside the borders. Translation services have mitigated the communication barriers Therefore, it resulted in globalization. Globalization has helped the countries to take leverage from each other’s skills, knowledge, and resources.

List of the Languages of the Future

If you are an entrepreneur and want to expand your business globally or looking for a job in a top-notch company then you need to know the developing languages of the future. They will open a door to ample opportunities for you. Language selection will depend upon your objective and vision of your business and the target market that you want to cater to. Moreover, it also depends upon the career that you want to pursue. However, you have to select the language from the languages that are dominating the world. Let’s dive into the list of the languages of the future.


According to an article that was published in the New York Times, China has surpassed Japan and it has become the second leading economy after the United States. Mandarina is a language of China which is the growing economy of the world so this language holds great significance for the future. To your surprise, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world according to the number of speakers. The Chinese language is spoken in thirty-eight countries and the Mandarin dialect is spoken by 1.074 billion people.

Moreover, 70% of Chinese people speak Mandarin. English speakers find difficulty in learning the Mandarin language however they have to learn it because due to Chinese lucrative growth the Chinese language will open a door for global opportunities for you. It is predicted that by 2050, China will be the next superpower.


Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and Brazil’s economy is flourishing rapidly. It is the seventh most spoken language in the world. Moreover, it is the third most spoken language in Europe. Brazil is a member of BRICS countries that will spread your business in the future. BRICS is an organization of flourishing economies of the world like Brazil, Russia, India, Chinese, and South Africa. The head office of this organization is in Shanghai.

Portuguese is one of the political and economical languages of Europe, Africa, East Timor, and South America. It is such an important language that if you know this language then you can understand 85% Spanish, 45% Italian, and 25% of French. Portuguese is considered one of the important languages because it is estimated that Brazil will become the third or fourth-largest market in the world.


A few years back, Arabic was confined to the Middle East region, but now it is one of the growing languages of the world. It is spoken in 58 countries. Moreover, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world. This language is important because many Arab countries that enjoy high reserves of oil and natural gas speak this language. The United Arab Emirates is the top exporter of dates. However, the future of the Arabic language is associated with the number of inventions that will take place in the country.

If your country is innovating new things then the future of the language will be prosperous. The other important part of the Arabic Language is that the Holy book of Muslims is revealed in the Arabic language. Therefore, it will remain an important language of the future.


French is the fastest-growing language in the world. Because of its popularity, it is expected that by 2050, it will be the most spoken language in the world. At present French is the 14th most spoken language in the world. It is native to approximately 295 million speakers that are spread in 53 countries. France is the seventh-largest economy in the world and French is the official language of this lucrative economy.

French holds importance for the future because France is the biggest provider of different technology products and services. People living in the countries of Africa speak the French language and they have a very high rate of population growth. Therefore, it makes French a very demanding language. It is projected in one report that French speakers will exceed Mandarin Chinese and English speakers.


According to Instituto Cervantes, approximately 577 million people speak the Spanish language. It is the second most spoken language around the world after Chinese. To your surprise, the largest Hispanic community resides in the USA that speaks the Spanish language. In the United States, more than 43 million people speak the Spanish language and this number is steadily growing.

It is an official language of many countries like Argentina and Mexico which are the top economies of the world. English speakers can learn the Spanish language easily because Spanish is from a group of the same languages. Spanish is an important language for global business. Therefore, it is one of the most important languages of the future.


Hindu and Urdu are the popular languages of the sub-continent. India’s population growth rate is very high. Therefore, it is expected that India will be the most populated country in the world. So, you can well understand the demand and importance of the Hindi language. On the other hand, Urdu is spoken in Pakistan. People from Pakistan and India are spread around the world and they speak Urdu.

Approximately, 534.2 million people speak Hindi whereas 163.2 million people speak Urdu. India’s economy is flourishing and it has made its name in information technology. India is becoming a hub of technology, e-commerce, and trade and many top-notch companies of the world are outsourcing their offices in India so Hindu and Urdu are the most demanding languages of the future.


Russian is the official Languages of Russia and Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. Moreover, it is extended towards Northern Asia and Eastern Europe. It is widely spoken in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, it is a lingua franca in many soviet countries. Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world. It is also one of the official languages of the UN.

Russia has a very lucrative growing economy. It is a world leader in exporting wheat and a top seller of crude oil, coal, and refined petroleum oils. Thus, the Russian market makes the Russian language a favorable language for the future.


The economy of Germany holds great importance in the global world. Approximately, 130 million people speak the German language as their mother language and as a second language. German is one of the most spoken languages in the European Union and it is the official language of seven countries of the world. More than 7.5 million people belong to a German-speaking minority in 42 countries.

Germany is the fifth-largest economy in the world. It is famous for innovations. Therefore, if you learn the German language then, you can easily penetrate Germany’s largest economy. The German language is the 15th most spoken language in the world and it is spoken in 28 countries.


Japan is the third-largest economy in the world. It is known for many discoveries and inventions in many fields. Japanese is the official language of Japan and it is the ninth most spoken language of the world. Approximately, it is spoken by 128.3 million people. Japan is a market leader in robotics and artificial intelligence and now it is an era of technological advancement. Therefore, the Japanese language is a very important language for future developments.


English is a dominant global language. Top-notch organizations of the world are using this language to carry out their daily operations. English is widely spoken in 118 countries. It is the third most spoken language in the world and it has a whopping 1.121 speakers. It is considered as a language of global business. Therefore, it is a very important language for everyone who wants to pursue their career or wants to start a business at a global level.


200 million people around the world speak the Bengali language. It is the sixth most spoken language in the world. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. Moreover, it is widely spoken in some Indian communities, the USA, Canada, and the UK. Bengali speakers are around 211 million. It is projected that by 2050, the Bengafavorableli language will dominate the business world. Therefore, it is an Bangali translation services important language for the future.


Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. It is native to 76 million people. Many people from Vietnamese migrated to other regions like North America, Australia, Europe, and other parts of Southeast Asia and East Asia, therefore Vietnamese is also spoken in these areas. Vietnamese is an analytic language. If you learn the Vietnamese language then it will open doors for opportunities in all the above-mentioned areas.


The importance and future of the Korean language can be determined by the fact that approximately seventy-five million people in North and South Korea speak this language. Moreover, this language is flourishing with time. Most of the Korean speakers live around the Korean Peninsula and around three million Korean speakers are scattered around the world. So, to communicate with this huge number, you will find the Korean language as the most spoken language in the future too.


The Turkey language is the 12th most spoken language in the world. 74.2 million people in Turkey speak this language. Moreover, 78.9 people from around the globe speak this language. Turkey is playing an important role in the global economy and politics. Moreover, people watch Turkish dramas with great interest. Turkish role in the global world determines the future of the Turkish language. If you are proficient in the Turkish language then you can easily start your business in Turkey.


Italian is a romance language. It is the official language of Italy and different parts of Switzerland. It is also widely spoken in Libya, Malta, Croatia, Somalia, and Slovenia. Moreover, expatriate communities in the UK, US, Australia, and Argentina also speak this language. British Council’s English effect exhibition revealed that the English language is greatly influenced by Italian and later research revealed that it is a very important language in the future of the UK.

Wrapping Up

Each language in the world has its legacy and importance. Whether you want to study abroad, establish a global business or want to travel around the world, languages hold importance for you if they help you attain your objectives.


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