Spanish is the romance language and it is widely spoken around the world. It is native to 400 million speakers. Therefore, it is a dominant language in terms of its speakers and in terms of the number of countries in which it is spoken. Pronunciation and usage of the Spanish language is different because of cultural and regional intricacies.


Although to your surprise, these differences do not make Spanish language unintelligible for the speakers from around the world. On the other hand, there is no single spoken Spanish around the world. There are different dialects of Spanish language spoken around the world because of its evolution in different regions.


People opt to learn Spanish language through different means. Some tend to indulge themselves in language learning courses while some tend to find the best books to learn Spanish.

The Significance of Spanish Language

The Spanish speaking people is increasing immensely in the world, especially in the United States. The Spanish speaking people possess a unique community that shares products, services and other business opportunities. Let’s have a look at some facts about Spanish language

  1. Spanish is the official language in twenty-one countries. Moreover, it is the third most-spoken language in the world after Mandarin and English.
  2. According to linguistic experts, by the year 2050, there will be 530 million Spanish speakers and out of these 100 million will be residing in the United States.

With these figures, you can easily imagine the significance of documents and communication in Spanish language. Especially in the United States, the Hispanic population has become the largest community in the country.

Hispanic Population of US

The largest minority community in the United States is Hispanics. It is a powerful group in terms of buying power. Moreover, it is also a key group that represents specific demographic, national and political demographics.


You can witness the power of the Hispanic vote that they can turn the results of the presidential election. Florida is one of the popular states in which Hispanic community is taking the lead in three crucial presidential elections.


Because of the high purchasing power, it is very important for the companies to have communication in Spanish language to reach Hispanic community.

How to Learn Spanish

If you want to learn Spanish and you are too busy to enrol in language class then don’t worry. There are many resources to learn Spanish language for example podcasts, mobile apps and tutoring services. But the most convenient and cheapest way to learn a language is to take assistance from books.


There are many Spanish books that people use around the world for teaching and learning Spanish. Some of the books are more beneficial for self-study than others. Let’s have a look at a number of books that people find beneficial in teaching and learning Spanish.


So, if you want to learn Spanish for travelling, for higher education or for business, you can select from top 10 best books to learn Spanish. If you find any of these books interesting then you can learn Spanish language without any problem.

Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Series

If you are a beginner and starting learning Spanish from the start then Practice makes Perfect Spanish Series is the best option for you. This book guides you about basic Spanish grammar, Spanish verb tenses, Spanish pronouns and conversation and Spanish verb tenses.


It contains a comprehensive guide to cover all the facets of Spanish grammar that you really find difficult to remember. This book deals with practical aspects of Spanish language that helps you in spoken Spanish language. Therefore, you don’t get confused by unnecessary technicalities.


It contains several exercises with precise explanations, different realistic examples, and many captivating exercises in different formats. Furthermore, it provides you with multiple choice, fill in sentences and passages, and creative writing style according to your learning style.


This book provides you with basic understanding and provides you with explanation so that you can know the logic behind the grammatical rules and use them correctly.


Along with the book, you can stream audios and download flashcard apps. Learners can enjoy the simple explanation of the book with practical and real-life examples.


This book also provides you with answers to the exercises. In this way, you can check your work. Each lesson in the book is precise. Therefore, you need not to spend too much time in each lesson.

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish is a wonderful book for those who want to learn Spanish language from scratch. It is the best option for people that want to learn Spanish language on their own. Even though this book was not available in the market for a long time but still Spanish learners find it very beneficial.


This book teaches you basic Spanish words and phrases and you need to know the background of the words and phrases so that you can retain them in your memory. After knowing the background, you can easily understand the Spanish language. This book is very handy for learning Spanish grammar.


Although this book was published a few decades ago and some grammatical rules seem outdated but still it is very useful in learning the fundamentals of Spanish. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish is highly recommended for beginners. In this book you can find precise grammar explanations with many exercises.


Moreover, this book is suitable for those people who want to learn Spanish language with fun and entertainment. Therefore, people who don’t want to memorize only but want to know the logic behind language keenly use this book. Price of this book is also very affordable.

Best for Multimedia: Living Language Spanish

If you enjoy learning from multimedia then you should opt for a living language program. It contains language learning material for different languages. For the Spanish beginners, it contains a complete Spanish multimedia program that is designed for beginners and advanced level in one package.


As the name suggests, living language Spanish, it is a complete linguistic guide based on linguistic science. Moreover, it is offering Spanish and other learning techniques with the help of 65 years of experience. It teaches you the entire language so that you can communicate in Spanish language eloquently.


The Spanish beginner course contains three audio CDs, online learning material and coursebook. Furthermore, the book contains 10 lessons with glossary, grammar summary and review exercises and dialogues. The audio CDs contain audio exercises, online material flashcards, interactive quizzes and games.


This language course teaches you to build your Spanish language basics and gradually take you to advance Spanish conversation. Living language Spanish is designed for the US State Department but at present it is immensely used by the people who want to learn Spanish and other foreign languages.

Easy Spanish Step by Step

If you want to learn Spanish Grammar then Easy Spanish Step by Step can appeal to you. As the name suggests, easy Spanish step by step guides you Spanish grammar without indulging in boring exercises. The author of the book is of the view that you will learn the language with the basic grammar concepts and it moves from a simple to complex version of the language step by step.


This book contains multiple exercises. Therefore, you can build your knowledge by doing the exercises. Moreover, you can build the vocabulary by reading the passages in the book. Easy Spanish Step by Step deals with language pertaining to its order.


It represents the sentence structure in the manner that you can learn a lot of vocabulary. Moreover, by reading multiple passages, you can enhance your knowledge. This book is easier for those people who know how to say thank you and what is your name in Spanish language.


The layout of the book is very organized and simple. Moreover, it is affordable for the general public. So, if you want to learn Spanish language systematically then do opt for this book.

Spanish for Dummies

If you like the Dummies approach of learning something then the Spanish for Dummies is the best book for you. This book provides a simple and straightforward way of learning Spanish language. It contains the seal of Berlitz, that is the renowned language instruction organization.


Spanish for Dummies deals with Latin American Spanish and covers grammar, pronunciation and verb conjugations. It also contains a mini dictionary and practice exercises that strengthen the learning process. Moreover, Spanish for Dummies contains review exercises that are designed like games instead of traditional fill in the blank’s exercises.


Therefore, students learn Spanish language by having great entertainment. This book is very easy to comprehend. Therefore, if you want to visit Spanish speaking country and want to pursue a good career in Spanish speaking country then this book is very handy for you.


It also contains a bonus CD-ROM that possesses daily life conversation to help you learn Spanish language. You can take your Spanish communication skills to the next level with the assistance of these conversations.

See It and Say It in Spanish

You can get proficient in Spanish language quickly with the help of See It and Say It. It is written by an internationally famous language teacher named Margarita Madrigal. She is the same author that wrote Magic Key to Spanish. See it and say it in Spanish is a very simple and enjoyable book to read.


This book teaches you simple phrases and vocabulary initially so that you cannot get into complexities of Spanish language. This book teaches you words and phrases with the demonstration of pictures and images. It teaches you conversational Spanish from the start.


It guides Spanish words and phrases that look like English equivalents. Moreover, this book is very beneficial in learning verbs with tenses. Therefore, novice learners can learn Spanish.


If you want to travel to a Spanish speaking country then do buy this book because this book provides you with a travel guide. In fact, this book will help you to conversation with Spanish speaking people easily.

Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary

Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary acts like a passport for you, if you want to travel to a Spanish speaking country. It guides you about phrases and idioms that resonate with Spanish culture. With the help of this book, you can learn conversation regarding every kind of travelling situation like shopping, ordering food, checking in hotels and emergencies.


Also, you can learn how to mention date, time, measurements and currency in Spanish language. It contains a dictionary that includes 3500 words. Therefore, you can find Spanish words quickly according to your travelling requirement.


This book is specially designed for Spanish speaking people of Latin America, Spain and Mexico. Therefore, if you want to travel in these countries, do buy this book. It is a small book like a dictionary so you can carry it easily wherever you want. With the language tool in your pocket, you can make your journey memorable in these destinations.

Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step

Advanced Spanish step by step is a great book written by Barbara Bregstein. She has used a grammar-based approach to understand intermediate and advanced Spanish language topics. Clear examples are given in the book so that learners can understand easily.


This systematic approach in the book gives you confidence to achieve Spanish language proficiency. Each lesson compromises exercises. For doing the exercise, you need to fill the correct answers.


Moreover, you can check the answers from the back of the book. It is a best book for those who want to do self-study. You can learn basic Spanish grammar easily and can move forward easily to learn advanced Spanish.


This book gives you a complete range of verb tenses, sentence composition and parts of speech so that you can learn advanced grammar easily. It also helps you to learn new words that you can use in your Spanish vocabulary daily.

Spanish Now! Level 1

Spanish Now! Level 1 is a book edition that is designed with the combination of textbook and workbook. This book is suitable for classroom studies. Spanish Now! Level 1 focuses on oral proficiency, listening comprehension and conversational speaking.


Furthermore, the author of the book represents basic grammar rules, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing in Spanish. This book contains exercises with answers which reflect daily life conversation, demonstration of Hispanic art and pictures that depict Spanish and Latin American culture.


In this book, the vocabulary and reading section is updated with the latest technology. On the other hand, it includes cultural sections that show information about Hispanic individuals. Moreover, it includes humorous cartoons. So, if you want to learn Spanish language with culture do opt for Spanish Now! Level 1.

Breaking Out of Beginner’s Spanish

Breaking out of beginner’s Spanish is a book that improves Spanish proficiency in an entertaining manner. The author has designed this book for English speakers that want to learn Spanish language. People opt for this book because it is full of humor and fun.


It contains grammar, verb conjugations and pronunciation. Moreover, it deals with different levels of emphasis on words, slang and cultural information regarding Spanish speaking world. The author provides you with practical advice.


This book is recommended for those people who are familiar with Spanish language and want to enhance Spanish proficiency. This book does not contain practice exercises. Therefore, if you want to practice the written Spanish language then you should select another Spanish learning book.

Wrapping Up

In this world of digitization, it is not a big deal to learn a new language. Now people can open books on their laptops and mobiles and can learn language anywhere. If you want to learn a Spanish language then you should be clear about your language learning objectives and then select from the 10 best books to learn Spanish.