Today, the concept of learning a language is one of the most exciting things in the world. It is because every language consists of unique ideas, words, expressions, terminology, and meaning. In short, the practice of multilingualism is endless. Moreover, in today’s world of business, technology, and communication, it is important to learn different languages.

Additionally, there is a high demand for multilingual personalities. There are many language service providers online. But the truth is that learning a fresh language fills the heart of people with joy and fun. But remember, not all languages are equal or important to learn. One must keep in mind which language is beneficial and most demanding.

So, the interested person may use his knowledge of languages for doing international business and trade. Learning more than one language is helpful in many other fields as well. Like transport, travel, collaboration, and networking, etc.

It is not easy to choose one language from 7000 plus languages. However, the good news is that there are just 23 top languages used by half of the population globally. According to Benjamin Lee Whorf, languages form the way we think and determine what we can think about. Therefore, we have brought before you.

Top 12 best languages to learn in 2021. These are described as follows;


The first best language to learn is Spanish. It is the soul and heart of countless local speakers of the world. People of Central and South America mostly speak Spanish in their states. Moreover, it is wise to learn the Spanish language if you wish to work and travel in the United States. There are more than 538 million Spanish speakers.

Above all, the official language of the U.N. is also Spanish. Therefore learning the Spanish language can be quite helpful for doing international business. In short, for Americans, it is important to learn the Spanish language as it is globally very common. This is the main reason that one should learn it.

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The second-best language to learn is the German language. It is the most common language of Europe. It is because Germany is Europe’s leading economy. In short to do successful business in Europe one must learn German. Additionally, it is quite easy and fun to learn the German language. There are 132 million local German speakers. Moreover, it is also the world’s 13th most common first language today.

The United States Census Bureau reports that currently, German is the 5th best business partner of the U.S. Furthermore, it promotes modernism and is suitable for professors, teachers, and educators as well. Meaning thereby, it is also quite beneficial for creative people. This language is largely spoken in Europe. The German language is indeed full of meaningful words.


The third best language to learn is French. The French language is famous as the “Love Language”. Additionally, it was once a global language as well. And today, more than 277 million speak French. Furthermore, it is also known as the fourteenth most common language of the world. Shortly speaking, a person who wishes to do business in developing countries must learn this language.

Recently, the French language is quite beneficial in historical and academic fields. It used to be a diplomatic language. But now the English language has taken its place. But we can’t underestimate the French language as France is still financially very strong. So it will be wise to learn French for carrying out international business.


The fourth best language to learn is English. There are more than 1.268 billion English speakers in the world. Meaning thereby countless people use the English language in today’s world. This is the chief reason why it is one of the top and most essential languages to learn. Additionally, it is useful in all sectors. Like travel, tourism, and international business. In short, it is best when it comes to diplomacy, economy, innovation, and technology.

Moreover, English is largely spoken in countries like the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia. All these states are economically very powerful. Additionally, it is also quite a popular and preferable internet language. This is the main reason why the majority of the content is in the English language.

Above all, there is no business without English in 2021 or onwards. It is because English is in world business, international affairs, politics, trades, laws, computer technologies, etc. It also consists of the 2nd highest number of speakers in the world.

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Mandarin Chinese

The fifth best language to learn is Mandarin Chinese. It is one of the top languages of today. In short, there is no business without Mandarin. But it is not easy to learn or teach. There are more than one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world. China is the gold mine for any businessperson in the world.

Therefore, for a businessman learning Chinese is mandatory. Moreover, it increases global communication. Chinese is one of the 6th official languages of the United Nations. In short, learning Chinese can end up a jackpot for any entrepreneur. To conclude we can say that learning Chinese in China is the key to the door to carrying out a successful business.


The sixth best language to learn is Russian. It has a great impact on the people of European Asian and Eastern European states. There are more than 258 million Russian speakers in the world. Russian is the eighth most common language of the globe. Additionally, it helps in fulfilling the worldwide communication gap. Furthermore, it is supportive of the economy, polity, and literature. Above all, the Russian language is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations today.

It is an extremely significant language. After English, the Russian language is known as the internet language. According to the reports currently, this language holds the 2nd highest percentage of internet content. Therefore, it is very important to learn the Russian language.


The seventh-best language to learn is Portuguese. There are more than 252 million Portuguese speakers in the world. It is very common in states such as South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, it is very beneficial for travel and tourism. Moreover, Portuguese is known as a business language because of the large number of speakers. It consists of many professional uses. The Amazon rainforest is indeed in Brazil.

Meaning thereby, this language can benefit biologists and scientists as well. In short, it is very important to learn the Portuguese language. Furthermore, Brazil is going to become the world’s latest economic power. And tourism in Brazil is evolving. International corporations are planning to do business in the area. Thus, it is important to learn Portuguese.

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The eighth best language to learn is Japanese. It is not because people love the culture, food, and technology of Japan. It is because it is unique and liked by the people of the world. However, Japanese is common in Japan only. But still, there are more than 126 million Japanese speakers in the world. Japan is known as the hub of global businesses. Therefore most of the business class wants to learn the Japanese language.

It is a wise decision as well. Additionally, the Japanese language is the fourth-best business partner of the United States. Furthermore, Japan is known for modernization. Hence, all modern thinkers should learn the Japanese language. Most of the Asian languages are influenced by Japanese. In the Japanese language, you may find many Chinese characters and Korean grammar. Meaning thereby to learn Japanese is learning Chinese and Korean language as well.


The ninth-best language to learn is the Hindi language. It is a very significant language. There are more than 637 million Hindi speakers on the globe. It is easy to learn and understand. Additionally, Hindi is very common in India. Furthermore, there are many languages in India. But Hindi enjoys the status of an official language in Hindustan. Moreover, India contributes greatly to international business. This is the main reason why Hindi is so important. In short, today India is a huge part of the world’s economy and is worth learning.


The tenth best language to learn is Italian. It consists of limited speakers around the globe. it is still an important language to learn. Additionally, it is rich in culture, history, and art. Furthermore, it is very common in tourism and travel. This enhances its importance. In short, this language is quite helpful for a trip to Italy.

There are countless global heritage sites in Italy as well. Above all, several historical texts are written in Italian. In short, learning Italian is very important and one should not be looking at the number of its speakers but should know its worth. However, some languages are identical to Italian such as French, Portuguese and Spanish. Meaning thereby learning one will help in learning all.


The eleventh best language to learn is Arabic. It is a very popular language. Additionally, it is common in moving tribes and nomads. Today, Arabic is the official language of more than 22 states. Some of them are Jordan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, etc. There are more than 274 million speakers of the Arabic language in the world. Moreover, it is the fourth most common language in 20 plus states. Hence it consists of huge scope in International NGOs, national security, journalism, etc.

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Furthermore, the speakers of Arabic can master engineering, sciences, business, and architecture, etc. Meaning thereby, students of this language can specialize in several other dialects. Above all, Arabic is known as the language of the whole Muslim civilization and all of its texts as well. There are more than 1.8 billion Muslims on the globe. Hence it is very important to learn Arabic.


The twelfth best language to learn is Korean. This is an ancient language. Korean is a fun, interesting, and easy language to learn. Moreover, it has a unique writing style and phonological terminology. In short, it is not hard to read, write and understand the Korean language. It is true that when you speak Korean it resembles the shape of your mouth. Therefore owing to its unique writing system Korean should be learned.


A business should set some objectives and goals. The article above will help you choose the right languages to learn so that you may achieve your goals. It is very difficult to make the right choice out of more than 7000 languages. The key is that the most common language will be the most valuable one. Also, going for the most widely spoken language will lead the way to success.

Additionally, it is wise to put light on the second languages people globally prefer. For example, French is one of the most common second languages in the world. Currently, more than 277 million people are French speakers. Moreover, one must not ignore the area of land of the language. It is because a person, by observing the history, culture, and writing style of the area can pick the most significant languages to learn.

We have provided you with the top 12 best languages to learn in this article so that you can benefit from them. If you are a linguist, you can join us on our website.


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