The popularity of games continues to spike among Gen.Z. Whether it is online, offline, Mobile, PC, or PlayStation games, they like to sneak and go into the world of their favorite popular game. Statista indicated that in 2024, the revenue of the online gaming industry is expected to touch the threshold of US$26.14bn. Let’s know more about the most popular games according to the user’s choice.

Moreover, gaming geeks know that every year the ranking of the most popular games indicates people’s liking towards the old popular games.

Here we have mentioned the top 10 games of 2024 based on the analytics of ranking platforms.

Table of Content

  1. Top 10 Most Played & Popular Games in the World 2024
  2. Valorant
    1. The Modes of Popular Game Volarant
    2. Volarant Champions Tour 2024
  3. Counter-Strike GO
    1. The Modes of Popular Game Counter-Strike GO
  4. Call of Duty Warzone 2
    1. Game Modes
    2. Game Maps
  5. Genshin Impact
    1. Genshin’s Elements of Seven Nations and their Gods
  6. Scrabble: World’s Most Favorite Game
  7. Apex Legends
  8. League of Legends
  9. Minecraft
  10. Fortnite
  11. PUBG Battleground
  12. Last Words

Top 10 Most Played & Popular Games in the World 2024

Note that the mentioned states, numbers, and rankings are not official. Plus consider that some popular games appear more frequently than others based on their availability on more platforms, operating systems, and other gaming devices.

1. Valorant – 22 Million

Valorant Game - CCJK

Riot Games represents its signature game, Valorant, which is a multiplayer free tactical shooting game and is currently available for Windows. Developers took six years to finalize this popular game and its main inspiration is Counter-Strike.

Game Valorant
Developers Riot Games
Publishers Riot Games
Supported Platform Windows
Release June 2, 2020
Mode Multiplayer
Genre (First Person) Hero Shooter – Tactical Shooter

The Modes of Popular Game Volarant

Volarant is a team-play first-person tactical shooting game. Players portray the characters of agents. Also, these characters are culturally diverse creatures.

Moreover, there are nine main modes of this popular game. Each mode comes with different challenges and powers.

  • Unrated Mode
  • Spike Rush Mode
  • Swift Play Mode
  • Competitive Mode
  • Premier Mode
  • Deathmatch Mode
  • Escalation Mode
  • Replication Mode
  • Snowball Fight Mode

Volarant Champions Tour 2024

In 2024, Riot Games officially announced a partner team model for their Volarant Champions Tour and started the VCT 2024 season after the successful Volarant Champions Tour of 2021-22.

2. Counter-Strike GO – 34 Million

Counter-Strike GO

Counter-Strike GO presents a smooth FPS that multiplies the experience of the game by many folds. Recently, there is a spike in its users. Also, there are 1.8 million concurrent users recorded.

Game Counter-Strike GO
Publishers Valve
Main Series Counter-Strike
Platforms OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, X Box,
Release September 23, 2014
Genre Tactical First-Person Shooter
Mode Multiplayer

The Modes of Popular Game Counter-Strike GO

Global Offensive has developed an objective-based multiplayer game setting. It is a multiplayer game with first-person shooting tasks. Moreover, Counter-Strike GO has nine modes for its popular game:

  • Competitive
  • Casual
  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Wingman
  • Flying Scoutsman
  • Retakes
  • Danger Zone

3. Call of Duty Warzone 2

Call of Duty Warzone 2

The Call of Duty franchise is pioneering the game industry but its recent launch of free-to-play battle royale created a new record for its popularity. Furthermore, not only did Warzone become the most popular game in record time, but also determined to continue to climb up with the recent release of its sequel version.

The community of Warzone 2 is very strong and has strong roots on PlayStation, PC Platforms, and on Xbox. Undoubtedly, it offers one of the best console experiences. Additionally, in 2024, the franchise has an active user base of 94 million.

Game Call of Duty Warzone 2
Developers Infinity Ward. Raven Software
Series/Franchise Call of Duty
Platforms Playstation 4,5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series, X/S
Genre Battle Royale. First-Person Shooter
Mode Multiplayer

Game Modes

  • DMZ
  • Battle Royale ( Season 4)
  • Return of Resurgence (Season 2)
  • Plunder (Season 3)

Game Maps

  • AI Mazarah
  • Ashika Island
  • Building 21
  • Koschei
  • Vondel

4. Genshin Impact – 65 Million

Genshin Impact

The irresistible blend of Zelda: anime-like game story and the elite role made Genshin bound for success. Above all, it is entirely free. The story of this popular game includes the imaginary seven-nation world of Teyvat. Each is related to a certain element and ruled by a separate God. Moreover, the story follows the travel of a departed sibling in the inter-dimensional quest to find, conquer, and return.

Game Genshin Impact
Developers miHoYo
Framework Unity
Platforms Android, iOS, Playstation 4,5, Windows, Nintendo Switch
Release September 28, 2020
Genre Action Role Playing
Modes Simple and Multiplayer

Genshin’s Elements of Seven Nations and their Gods

Nation Element Archon (God)
Khaenriáh TBA
Mondstadt Anemo Barbatos
Snezhnaya Cryo The Tsaritsa
Inazuma Electro Raiden Shoun
Natlan Pyro Pyro Archon
Shmeru Dendro Lesser Lord Kusanali
Fontaine Hydro Justice

5. Scrabble: World’s Most Favorite Game


Who doesn’t play a word game? Scrabble is one of the best strategy games. The primary benefit of a language game is proficiency in that language. Also, people use different language games to enhance their vocabulary and to learn new languages or words and spellings.

Game Scrabble
Developers Leisure Games
Platforms Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Aoron Archimedes, Amiga, PlayStation 4,
Release 1984
Genre Strategy
Modes Single Player, Multiplayer

6. Apex Legends – 144 Million

Apex Legends

The instant release of Apex Legends shocked its rivals and rocked the gaming industry. In the gaming community, everybody likes the battle royale genre. Thus, Apex Legend’s free-to-play option grabbed the attention of the players of the most played and watched multiplayer games Fortnite and PUBG.

Interestingly, Apex Legends experienced 2 million concurrent players in the first month of its launch. Even after the initial months the community stayed and generated a 144 million active monthly player base and registered as one of the most popular games.

7. League of Legends – 152 Million

League of Legends

This game is another masterpiece of Riot Games. More than 8 million gamers played The League of Legends which solidified its popularity. Also, it is worth mentioning that The League of Legends World Championship 2019 broke Twitch’s concurrent viewership records with 1.7 million viewers.

8. Minecraft – 180 Million


This popular game is undoubtedly a versatile craze of Gen.Z. Minecraft satisfies the players’ quest for unlimited creation, exploration, and interaction with other players more fun. Furthermore, it is more like a community-driven version of the metaverse where players can create and interact.

Game Minecraft
Developers Mojang Studios
Framework Java
Release November 18, 2011
Genre Sandbox, Survival
Modes Single Player, Multiplayer
Intellectual Property Owner Microsoft

9. Fortnite – 240 Million


There is no question about the universal recognition and the next-level quality of Fortnite. Despite its global recognition, team Fortnite is constantly introducing new features and remodeling the experience with current trends and player expectations.

Above all, it is still one of the most popular games that every age group likes to play. Lastly, a key factor in its mainstream relevance is Fortnite’s branding and association with top musicians and industry-recognized celebrities.

Game Fortnight
Developers Epic Games
Platforms Playstation 4,5, Windows, iOS, Xbox1, Xbox Series X/S, Android, MacOS, Nintendo Switch
Release (Initial) July 25, 2017, (Latest) December 6, 2018

10. PUBG Battleground – 285 Million

PUBG Battleground

Most importantly, if any multiplayer game has not only single-handedly led the trends of players but also outspread frenzy in the battle royale genre, it is PUBG. It has modeled its app for the international market.

Certainly, this is the reason why it has opted for gaming translation services for its global players. After the success, countless copycats of this popular game appeared but were of no use. PUBG was late in the console launch and faced a slight setback. But there was no one left to compete when PUBG mobile version was launched.

Game PUBG Battleground
Developers PUBG Studio
Series PUBG Universe
Platforms Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation4,5, Stadia,
Genre Battle Royale
Mode Multiplayer

Last Words

In conclusion, one common thing in all the mentioned top-ranked games is their efficient and easy-to-use functionality of language change. Moreover, another important factor is that they have localized their games according to the target language, region, culture, and sentiments of their market.

PUBG has introduced the replica of cities in its game to revolutionize the language localization industry. If you want to localize your games consider the services of CCJK translation services.

Every startup and game development company must consider localization as a prerequisite for the global gaming industry.

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