Some recent statistics show that domestic mobile game market for the first time negative growth, which can not help but let the hearts of some people worry about it: This is the short fall? Or a sharp drop in the inevitable?

In fact, this concern may have been fooled by the illusion of being, look in all aspects of mobile Internet development momentum, we can determine: the mobile gaming market in the short-term decline after a certain time in picking up next and further to the outbreak.

Mobile gaming market downturn

End of January 2011, Enfodesk Analysys database publishing industry think tank, the “fourth quarter of 2010, China’s mobile phone game market quarterly monitoring” data, which indicated that the fourth quarter of 2010, the scale of the mobile gaming market is more significant decline in the market size of 877 million yuan, the chain fell 4.9%.

People ask a question: why China’s mobile phone game market with the number of China’s mobile phone game users the steady upward trend in the opposite, and the emergence of the fourth quarter of 2010, mobile gaming market for the first time the phenomenon of negative growth? In this regard, Analysys International believes that there are two main important.

One reason is that telecom operators mobile phone text message collection of policy implications of effective stand-alone game fee. China Mobile on-demand services from the implementation of this quarter, “SMS-on-demand billing reminder” that the industry said the three confirmed early in July with monthly business major SP has been fully recognized and the second billing reminders, which China Mobile stand-alone game a tremendous impact on the effective charges, many SP in trouble, thereby affecting the entire industry.

Another reason is that many foreign products into the domestic market mobile games, mobile games made the ceiling appear the phenomenon. Large number of foreign mobile games through the transplant, crack or other formal release to enter the domestic market, and some of the new features of mobile terminals without causing the attention of domestic mobile phone game developers.

Currently, the status of domestic mobile phone game for the PC side migrated from new users, low viscosity, and lower willingness to pay, resulting in more obvious ceiling phenomenon.

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In fact, in addition to these reasons, there are four reasons can not be ignored. First, the domestic mobile game development, lack of innovation, the homogenization of the situation in general, can not fully meet user needs; Second, the other emerging social services (such as micro-Bo, etc.) the diversion of part of the mobile phone game users; Third, the domestic mobile phone game operators to reduce the marketing investment, and marketing can not be on the times;

Fourth, the state to regulate the entertainment market, resulting in the relative tightening of the policy. In addition, the mobile game’s main consumer group of the original 80 after growing up, and follow-up of 90 low fertility because of the history of the emergence of consumer population decline.

These circumstances do not make the Chinese mobile gaming are optimistic, but not lose confidence in this market? China Mobile is not the next game will enter a downward spiral? In my opinion, need not be so pessimistic large.

Situation is not so bad

In fact, observed in 2010 and 2009 year data, we find that, compared to China’s overall network entertainment market, the mobile gaming market performance has been doing pretty well.

2010, China’s overall network entertainment market has indeed emerged annual decline. January 19, 2011, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the “27th China Internet Development Statistics Report”, the report data is networked entertainment market in China is not optimistic: online music, online games and online video subscriber penetration decreased 4.2,2.4,0.5 percentage points. This shows that China’s network entertainment market there are signs of weak growth.

In contrast, China’s mobile phone game market in 2010 than in 2009 increased a lot. Analysys think tank in accordance with the data, the year 2010 mobile game market in 3.29 billion, compared with 2.033 billion in 2009, actually grew by 61.8%. This shows that the full year 2010 than in 2009, still has a considerable growth of.

Even from up data, the market is also growing. The fourth quarter of 2010, China’s mobile game market in 877 million, compared to the fourth quarter of 2009, 647 million, grew by 35.5%.

Moreover, from the scale of mobile game users, each quarter of 2010 remained in a stable growth of mobile phone users, which, in the fourth quarter the number of Chinese mobile phone game users reached 135 million, growth of 11.9%.

Therefore, there is no reason for China’s mobile phone game market generated pessimism, but should see its future bright prospects for development.

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