QuickBASIC Current Use

QuickBASIC continues to be used in some schools, usually as part of an introduction to programming, though it is fast becoming replaced by more popular compilers. It also has an unofficial community of hobby programmers who use the compiler to write video games, GUIs and utilities. The community has dedicated several Web sites, message boards and online magazines to the language.

Today, programmers often use DOS emulators, such as DOSBox, to run QuickBASIC on Linux and on modern personal computer hardware that no longer supports the compiler.

Since 2008, a set of TCP/IP routines for QuickBASIC 4.x and 7.1 has revitalized some interest in the software. In particular, the vintage computer hobbyist community has been able to write software for old computers that run DOS, allowing these machines to access other computers through a LAN or the internet. This has allowed systems even as old as an 8088 to serve new functions, such as acting as a Web server or using IRC.

QuickBASIC 4.5 is still available for download for MSDN Subscribers.

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