Learning a new language is a very healthy activity. If you want to explore the world, go on adventures, and be successful in life, you should go for learn a new language. Speaking multiple languages is a great skill, and it offers many benefits as well.

Are you planning to learn a new language? Need some inspiration? We have come up with some wonderful benefits that will motivate you to learn different languages.

Enhances Decision-Making Skills

As per the studies from the University of Chicago, the people who speak different languages are able to understand the cultural nuances and subtleties in all the situations. Understanding cultural nuances and intricacies can help a person to make rational decisions in any aspect of life. Monolingual people are said to make decisions on emotions. On the other hand, multilingual people can improve their life with better decision-making.

Improves Memory

Learning a new language will help you in improving your memory. As per the article published in the journal of experimental children, psychology suggests that bilingual children can perform better than monolingual children. Their working memory helps in completing the tasks efficiently. (Working memory is the processing of information in the brain over a short period.) This publication concludes that learning more than one language results in better working memory. If you want to benefit from your working memory in any field of life, then learning a foreign language can help.

Increases Attention Span

According to a study in the journal Brain and language, speaking the new language helps in enhancing focus and dealing with distractions. A bilingual person can switch from different languages easily and can decide easily which language is required to be used in a given situation. It trains the brain in focusing and retrieving information. Generally, a bilingual person will be better at concentrating on what they are reading, writing, and studying and wipe out any noise or distractions.

Enhances Multitasking

The attention span also increases multitasking capabilities. A study by the NIH discovered that bilinguals have better working memories so they can focus and disregard distractions. Moreover, they can switch between tasks easily and quickly. Speaking two languages and switching between them enhance their multi-tasking skill.

Develops Cognitive Abilities

Bilingual people tend to have more cognitive abilities than monolinguals. As per the research from the University of Edinburgh, bilingual people score better in tests of verbal fluency, intelligence, and reading. These results are not limited to age. No matter whatever the age is, whenever a person learns a foreign language, it will help in developing cognitive abilities. Furthermore, it helps in learning new subjects too.

Increases Brain Size

It sounds very absurd but learning a foreign language will increase the size of your brain. Swedish scientists did an MRI study that showed that certain parts of the brain get bigger when you learn a foreign language. During this study, two groups of people underwent brain scans. One of these groups had taken a language course for three months and the other group just did an intensive course on a subject that is not a language. The scientists found that the group that studied language has a larger brain size than the group that only studied the subject.

Improves Communication Skills

When your intended message is not clear, it gives a negative impression. Learning a new language makes you realize how you use your words. The more you get into different languages, the more you can understand the nuances of the language. These intricacies cannot be noticed by monologists. Mastering a foreign language will improve your grammar, editing, and writing. In short, it makes you a good communicator in your mother tongue in different fields of life.

Better Job Prospects

As per the survey by the Confederation of British Industry, 74% of the employers are of the view that multilingual employees are more attractive to organizations. This means that having proficiency in a new language makes you a better candidate for a new job. If you are already doing a good job then speaking another language will help you in climbing the ladder of career.

Helps to Enjoy Travelling

You can make your traveling memorable if you can speak and understand the language of the tourist spot. So start learning the new language to break the communication barriers and to socialize with the people.

Increases Creativity

Another benefit of learning a new language is that it increases creativity. All the languages that you learn change your prospect about the world. You can think out of the box. This all comes with creativity in the brain when it is enlarged by learning a new language.

Delays Chances of Dementia

Learning a new language keeps your brain healthy for a longer time. According to the research, it was found that people who speak more than one language are less prone to dementia. It is an exercise for your brain if you speak more than one language and keeping your brain active delays the probability of dementia.


Learning a new language is very important for your personal and professional development. So don’t delay and invest your time and energy in learning the new language.


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