In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, “ The global economy of the 21st century has been very good to businesses around the world”. This statement is backed by an unprecedented rise in new disciplines and industries that did not exist a decade ago. Technological evolution has led mankind to expand its horizons and options. The job market in the translation industry is also getting better, offering people an incredible variety of jobs that didn’t even exist 2 decades ago.

The Reality Behind Career Choice

There was a time when youth were given a limited number of options as far as choosing a career was concerned. It was either medicine or engineering. Or if you had rich parents, you could probably join the family business. However, if you had none of these options, the market was never promising for small startups.

However, with time, this narrative changed, as the IT sector allowed people to invest their resources, time, and energies into starting their own business or opt for full-time employment enabled by the IT industry.

Diversification in Translation Industry vis-a-vis Job Application

In this article, we will discuss one of those sectors that have received a lot of popularity and attention. And that discipline is the Translation industry. If you look at some of the statistics pertaining to the best-rated careers in the world, becoming a translator is an extremely profitable endeavor.

Reports suggest that the discipline of translation and interpretations will ameliorate in the upcoming years. And especially in the post-Covid world, where the need for medical translation services is more than ever.

Top Disciplines in the Translation Industry

Moreover, there are various jobs in the field of translation. Hence, you do not need to rely on one particular discipline. If you are aware of what other options are available to you, it will make the selection process much easier.

So let’s review some of the various jobs in the translation industry;

  • Government Officials

Translations are needed in official government businesses, especially in the affairs of the foreign embassies. So, if you have a passion for translations and also like to travel, then applying for a job at a foreign office would be a very good option. Translations are required in almost every task at the foreign office.

Countries that establish foreign embassies within their territories require translators and interpretations to convert official documents into the target language. It’s a very complex job, so one has to have a sharp acumen pertaining to the translation of official phrases and technical jargon that influences issues of national and international diplomacy.

  • Language Teacher

One job, in particular, has a very appealing job description for many freelance interpreters. Especially to the ones who are looking for work that gives them the opportunity to help other people learn their native language.

And that job is teaching a language to others. Nowadays, it is almost universal in primary and secondary schools to teach one foreign language to their students, and it has become a part of their annual curriculum.

Moreover, since the disruption caused by Covid-19 to the educational system, online teaching, and eLearning platforms have taken a boom. So, translators who do not have the option to travel to school on a daily basis can benefit from these platforms. The best thing is that if you are good at your job, you can increase your class strength to hundreds of students around the world.

  • Copywriter

The world of globalization is majorly a world of commercialization. Businesses are attempting to penetrate foreign markets through strategic marketing maneuvers. However, the issue lies within the language barriers. In this scenario, translators can help these companies to get their message across to the target audience.

In the field of marketing, copy writing is a fundamental tool to attract customers. Individuals who can write persuasive content, and possess a talent for selling can find a suitable career in the field of copy writing.

  • Cultural Advisor

Many people are not aware of a career in the field of culture. Numerous companies who are running non-profit firms want people who are expert translators. It possesses a deep understanding of cultural intricacies and nuances. This is an opportunity for people who are extroverts. Those who like to talk to people and hold up a conversation. Plus, if they like talking about their own culture. They can really help people who do not speak your language but are also interested in what values your tradition exhibits.

  • Coordinators

The world is a global village. People get together and interact with each other without having to worry about long distances. However, the issue of language barriers might disrupt this flow of communication. Therefore, the need for translators and interpreters becomes apparent.

In international conventions, meetings, and conferences, people from all around the world come together to form alliances or discuss important matters. This requires translators to act as a mediating channel between groups of people.

In general management events as well, the need for coordinators is absolutely crucial. However, meetups that constitute people speaking different languages, cannot proceed without the help of a translator.

  • Tour Guides

One of the most popular and highest jobs in the field of translation is the job of a tour guide. The reason is that a lot of people love to travel and explore different parts of the world. This notion maintains a constant need for tour guides.

Moreover, if you have an itch to travel to different places yourself, and are also multilingual, you can apply for this job as well, and make a lot of money.

Helping tourists navigate their way around a place that is familiar to you, is already a fun job. It gives you the opportunity to clear perceived stereotypes, and remove any sort of misunderstanding and misinterpretations created by the media.

Moreover, it will give you a new perspective to see your own country. Something that you might not encounter if you are traveling just by yourself. Answering questions as a tour guide will give you an insight into how foreign tourists actually perceive your country.

  • Marketing Translation Providers

In the field of translation, marketing translation occupies a wider market share. There is no business in this world that hopes to expand its operations, but intends to not give enough priority to marketing.

That is just not practical. Every organization has to market its brand, and that too in multiple languages if the aim is to go global.

This opens up a door of opportunity for translators who can offer their services in the field of marketing.

However, if one intends to get into this particular field, attaining expertise in the field of marketing is crucial. You need to be aware of the target market.

Especially the cultural, ethnic, traditional, religious, and linguistic dimensions of the society, so your translated content is accepted by the general public.

  • Video Game Localization Experts

The video gaming experience has evolved exponentially in recent years. One of the many reasons for this fact is that the gaming industry has diffused state boundaries. Almost every person, regardless of age and gender demographics appeals to this discipline of entertainment.

With such a high demand for video games, the need for translation services also becomes apparent. If you have a passion for gaming and also possess expertise in a particular language, then there are many video game localization services in the world, to whom you can offer your services. Though it’s a technical field, it certainly pays very well.

  • Film Translators

There was a time when people were unaware of the movies that premiered in Hollywood or in any other film industry. But the fact that last year a South Korean movie called ‘ Parasite’ won the best picture awards at the Oscars, proves that we are a global community. Language barriers have been diminished, especially in the movie and film industry.

If you are passionate about movies and storytelling, plus you possess a flair for translations, you can choose to enter the field of Film translation services. It will assist you to become part of a chain of agencies and service providers that would help studios to achieve massive box office success.

  • Academic Translators

Academic translations pertain to the research industry in which renowned disciplines such as medicine, engineering, and the law fall. So, research on various fields is conducted around the academic community.

However, the successful and proven hypothesis facet the challenge of translations. This requires expertise in a particular field or discipline. Plus, a sound experience in providing translations.

So, if you are an expert in an academic discipline, you can offer translation services to these service providers, and earn a few bucks on the side.


The translation industry is multifarious and diverse. Initially, it only consisted of simple word-to-word translation texts and passages. But since the advent of globalization and technology as a whole, the translation agency has also diversified and expanded in its entirety.

In this article, we have categorized some of those new disciplines. And how they have provided employment and job opportunities to translators.

People who are looking for different jobs will be assisted by this article, as we have tried to give an in-depth analysis of some of the lucrative jobs in the translation industry. Hence, as per the talent of the translator, he can choose a job.

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