Software localization goes far beyond the textual translation of the user interface and helps file content. It involves extracting and preparing the translatable content, utilizing special software localization tools, and adapting the software to the specific locale you aim at.

For example, we will make the interface feel more comfortable and friendly to users in different countries and regions by considering the specific cultural norms rooted in them.

In doing so, we must work deeper to modify and engineer the original interface in respect of local conventions, time/date displays, measurement systems, numbers and currency, legal conventions, character encodings and fonts as well as a dropdown list of cities and areas.

In short, everything concerned will be addressed with technical proficiency and extreme care, so that the user can seamlessly interact with the software in their own languages.

We are always committed to meeting our client’s objectives and requirements to the utmost extent to which they entrust us. In addition, clients are always welcome to update us with inquiries and suggestions on a real-time basis during an ongoing project in an attempt to achieve perfection.

Software localization involves higher sophistication and complexity than textual translation. For example, it is very sensitive to the placement and rearrangement of translated elements in limited interface sections which have been designed for the source text, yet may not fit the target one.

With a project on hand, we are responsible for arranging everything until our delivered job fulfills or even exceeds your expectations. That’s the essence of what we call One-Stop Service.

Software Localization Workflow

CCJK is ready and prepared around the clock to provide the best software localization services you can expect from a substantial localization power in the Asia-Pacific Region. With a well-organized team of experienced, disciplined linguistic and engineering experts available at your service, we are capable of helping you extend your user base worldwide, especially to the vast and growing Chinese market, which plays an increasingly important role worldwide.

We distinguish ourselves by offering One-Stop service in any software localization project, which encompasses the following steps:

1) Planning and evaluation of project engineering, including requirement specifications, process definition, and internationalization audit.

2) Extracting and reintegrating assets (including resource files, graphics, images, icons, help files, read-me files, user guides, audio, packaging, warranty cards, software licenses and legal disclaimers) from source software into the translatable format.

3) Translating and arranging the content.

4) Testing; after reintegrating the translatable elements back into the software, we’ll conduct testing to make sure it runs normally as the original one does.

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