Want to expand the user base? Localization of the games is an excellent approach to meet the target market. We would like to share a number of successful localization skills of the game.

First of all:A Good Understanding of the Script

If the game content needs to be translated into several languages, it is better to use English as the original version of the script, because most the translators are more willing to deal with English- original projects. If the original script is not English, maybe you will first translate it into English, then translate it into your target language.

But there is a risk of misunderstanding in the process of localization, and if you translate the original into another language and then translate it into your target language, well, honestly speaking you are spreading the risk of misunderstanding, So you need to get it right at the very beginning.

In CCJK, we always insist of native translators handling all the projects, and we will NOT allow any third language during our localization progress to control the quality and lower the risk of misunderstanding of the original meaning.

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Proof-reading of the Original Script

The script is the original text for the translators, so proofreading is necessary for the translators to have a better understanding of the original meaning. Revision, including spell check and grammar check on the consistency of terminology, note the appropriateness of the possibility of misunderstanding, only in this way can you assure a smooth original meaning of the script, thus assure a better translation.

How do you feel when the name of Shrek is translated “史瑞克” in Chinese and five minutes later it becomes “史莱克” ? Shrek got a twin brother?

Some projects, usually project with millions of source words, will be conducted by a team, not just one independent translator. In this case, you need to make sure that they are a real team! The names of the characters, locations etc should be the same!

There are so many times we see on movies that there are 2 names, some even more, for one single character. For example in the movie Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr, I noticed that there are 2 names for his secretary Peppy Potts:小辣椒 and 贝碧, well, maybe some of the audiences will think: what?!!! Peppy Potts got twin-sister?

If the screen text, the player handbook, dialogue, and packaging are not conducted by one translator, it will be a good idea to make a list of special terms of this game for them to follow. In this list can be used as reference material. This would ensure consistency of terminology in translation.

Translators may not understand the whole story of the background of the online game. Therefore, specific lines (in a separate column) to add as much information to help the translator to better understand the lines is a good way to assure the quality.

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