In the busy world and everyday routine of today, people prefer things that take less time. Although this does not apply to all disciplines, learning a subject in 5 minutes is surely a miracle in itself. One such discipline is Chinese language learning. Granted, it is not easy to learn it, but once you master it, you are only steps away from achieving global success. In addition, being bilingual lends you cultural, social, and communicative advantages which are hard to achieve for many.

However, if you want to become fluent in the Mandarin language in a short time then there is good news for you. In this article, we will discuss how to learn Chinese in only a few minutes. Now the question is how is this possible? The answer to that is everything is possible in today’s world of modern technology.

Contrary to what many people believe, the Chinese language does not require two to three hours to learn every day. Of course, you can always invest more time in learning it if you have free time and the right resources.

Why is it Important to Learn the Chinese Language?

The Chinese language is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world and the most spoken one. Having more than 900 million native speakers around the globe, the demand for learning the Chinese language is growing by the day. An interesting thing about Chinese is that the linguists who are fluent in both Chinese and English are at the most advantage.

The reason is the pay that a linguist is likely to get. It is estimated that a Mandarin-speaking translator can expect to earn around $75 in the USA per hour. Apart from this, many corporations are now owned by Chinese, making the Chinese language learning the need of the hour.

Mandarin Chinese is the leading language of today. It’s quite common in China. China is the gold mine for any business person on earth. Therefore, for a businessman learning Chinese is very important. Moreover, it increases global communication. Learning Chinese is may result in hitting a bull’s eye for any entrepreneur. By summing up things we can say that learning Chinese is a perfect step for doing a successful global business.

Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes

Tip #1: Opt for HSK course:

A Chinese professional learning test called HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) is an extremely useful test that is used to check the proficiency of the Chinese language. The HSK Level has more than 150 vocabulary words which are the most frequently used ones within the Chinese language. If you want to pursue a career in China or just travel there, the HSK test will be perfect for you.

To master these 150 words, opt for HSK Level 1 course available online. This online facility allows learners to choose and set a daily study goal. Ultimately, it depends on your learning speed and the time you give to study for learning characters every day.

Tip #2: Download an App for Learning Chinese:

Nowadays, every service has its own app. If you want to know the simplest way to learn Chinese, an app is the best tool you can have. As today’s common man is constantly on the go and uses his cell phone wherever he goes—whether it is while going to work or cooking in the kitchen, learning a new language through an app is an ideal way. Believe it or not, doing these everyday tasks is the right opportunity for a five-minute Chinese learning session.

Using apps is ideal because these apps go wherever you go, so there is no chance you are not going to use the language learning apps on your phone. One of the well-known apps which will only require five-minute to use is FluentU. If you are a movie and drama fanatic, chances are you will love FluentU.

This is because it teaches Chinese using popular videos on the internet. There is a wide range of videos that cover all different interests and levels. In addition, interactive captions make Chinese learning interesting and fun. In addition, all words have written definitions and examples which will help you to understand how a word is used in the Chinese language.

Tip #3: Get Help from Youtube

If you are among the people who just love watching videos on Youtube, you will love the videos which will require just five minutes teaching Chinese every day. There are many content creators out there who make and publish videos on a minute-by-minute basis.

Similarly, there are many content creators from China, Taiwan, and Singapore who make videos to teach the Chinese language. This means that it is quite easy to find videos that feature content creators who can teach the Chinese language in the most interesting way.

If you wish to learn Chinese, you should watch a short, engaging series that can walk you through the fundamentals of Mandarin. The best part is that they are only three minutes long and are hosted by a speaker, so you can hear how Chinese sounds.

An example of a Youtube series is which has nearly 1500 video and audio lessons. Plus, they also provide vocabulary learning tools such as flashcards and PDF lesson notes. In addition, their lessons cover interesting cultural topics as well, so that your attention is hooked to the videos.

Tip# 4: Use flashcards

Who hasn’t heard of flashcards as a learning tool? Flashcards are surely a technique that must be used when learning a new language. Even better, a flashcard app is the best way to help you with vocabulary and remembering words for a long time.

Whether you use flashcards for five minutes a day or five minutes once every week, they are the best way to learn and speak the Chinese language for free. One of the most widely used flashcard apps for learning a wide range of disciplines is Quizlet.

Quizlet is an ideal app to teach and hone your Chinese language skills. It has features such as Write, Learn, and even Practice Tests, which boost the learning routines for the Chinese language immensely.

Tip #5: Find a language exchange partner

Hiring a language partner is also one of the best ways to learn the Chinese language in a short time. These language partners are a free resource and can offer you access to native speakers and native language learning tools.

Moreover, they are easy to converse with and are accessible from anywhere you are taking your phone. Plus, these are quick to teach and are a good source if you want to learn Chinese in 5 minutes.

HelloTalk is perhaps the most famous and popular language exchange app. It connects you to people who speak your target language and are about the same age as you. The Chinese learner can create a bio; add some interesting facts and video chat with native Chinese speakers.

HelloTalk has in-app translators which can further assist them in learning and speaking Chinese. Like HelloTalk, Tandem is another language exchange app that connects its users to native Chinese speakers for free, allowing them to translate words broadly and thoroughly.

Tip #6: Memorize one word per day

According to the professionals, one simply needs to learn 150 words in Chinese to be ready to hold basic and intermediate conversations. Those 150 terms cover verbs, nouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and adjectives. By knowing them, you can live, do business in China, or can talk to any Chinese-speaking community.

A few of these words are 北京 (Beijing), 爱 (to love), 电视 (television), or 儿子 (son). Thus, if you’re curious about learning these 150 words free of charge and from the comfort of your home, you can go for the online HSK Level 1 learning program online. This course consists of a huge array of exercises, videos, and audio recordings so you’ll acquire the basic vocabulary in Chinese.

Tip #7: Get Familiar with Chinese Terms and Tone

While learning fresh vocabulary or words, master the pronunciation and meaning as well. Chinese is a tonal language and is different from English. This means that one character or word can have several meanings depending on the tone. Luckily, only four tones exist in the Mandarin language-neutral, rising, falling, and fall-rise.

All of these tones exist in the English language which is why you should listen and repeat words with different tones regularly to get fluent in them. It won’t take you long and, with just 5 minutes of practice a day, soon you’ll master the Chinese tones.

Tip #8: Learn Significant Phrases

If you are planning to visit China then you need a bundle of words and phrases for doing business. You are likely to find much material on the internet that will assist you in the knowledge of Chinese phrases. One among them is Learn Chinese in a 3 minutes series by ChineseClass101.

In this course, you’ll find videos that range from the way to greet an elder or asking for assistance on the road. Additionally, at the top of every video, you’ll find short exercises to put your talents into use.


To conclude, we can say that a foreign entrepreneur (businessperson) who wishes to do business in China should learn the Chinese language. But owing to lack of time or busy routine it is almost impossible to learn it. Therefore, we provide you with some tips which can help you learn Chinese in just 5 minutes per day.

Moreover, the best way of learning it is with music. There are many Chinese songs available free online for learning purposes. So, don’t forget to sing and practice your pronunciation. Plus, you’ll get to know some fresh words as well.

For more than two decades, the growth rate of entrepreneurship boosted up with a skyrocketing speed in China. The reason for this jump is the excessive use of the internet and online shopping apps on mobile phones. The Chinese market brought a drastic change not only in China but in the whole world.

China has the art of making money by targeting the pockets of millions of consumers around the globe. Therefore, if you are interested in learn Chinese in 5 minutes, these tips will help.

In case you need Chinese translation services, CCJK is there to assist you! Contact us today to start your journey to go global.


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