Our client has a Chinese menu that needs to be translated into English, the translation should be accurate and reflect the local culture.

As you know, with the fast developing of the tourism, there is often a need for restaurants, hotels, café, bar etc. to present their menu in a number of languages, which must reflect the high standards of the establishment.

The translation must be both accurate and grammatically correct. Menu translation seems to be one of the simplest types of translation possible and there are many automated translation engines that will translate for free, but literal translations can lead to misleading and sometimes even offensive menus.

After all, how hard can it be to translate something like “童子鸡” correctly? Someone may feel that it is “Chicken without sexual life” (do you mean virgin chicken?) actually, the proper English translation for this one should be “Spring Chicken” or “Poussin”/”Coquelet” in French).

They refer to young chickens which have been bred for eating (for less than 3 months). “Government abuse chicken” – Gong Bao Ji Ding 宫爆鸡丁 , the proper English translation should be “Chicken with Cashew Nut” or just translate it to “Kung Pao Chicken” in a simple way as it is known in the west.

It’s actually a Chinese food of Shandong province, but it is often mistaken as a Sichuan food as it’s quite spicy. Therefore, In order to guarantee the best menu translation, restaurant owners are best off using human translators. As you know, in some cases, though, a bad menu translation is enough to make you lose your lunch.

Our translators take care of understanding the type of the restaurant, café or bar where customers vary from many countries, so that the tone of the language is appropriate and reflects the brand and audience. Please see below some reasons for choosing us as your menu translators:

Specialists in menu translation

Experience in the catering industry

Translators’ native in the target language

Menu checked by a second translator and proofreadered by the project manager

Tailored to your business and your audience

Stick to a fixed price

Punctual delivery and good communication

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