Twitter Pushes Weather Advertising: Fast Market Products Based on Real-time Weather


据美国科技新闻网站 Mashable 报道,这是 Twitter 进一步挖掘移动端广告的计划,移动广告将和用户所处的环境紧密相关,而在此之前,网络广告平台对于实时天气要素的挖掘,并不多。 The U.S. technology news website Mashable reported that this is Twitter’s plan to further develop the mobile advertising. Mobile advertising will be closely related to the users’ environment. But before, online advertising platforms haven’t paid much attention to the real-time weather elements.

气象频道公司,将利用自家丰富的天气预报信息,联合 Twitter 推出针对每一个城市实时天气的广告。这样在寒冷地区,网民将会看到有关辣椒商品的广告,而在西雅图,如果遇到不理想天气,Twitter 将会显示电影院新电影、其他室内活动的广告。 Weather Channel will use its own rich weather forecast information to launch advertising based on real-time weather of every city in cooperation with Twitter. Thus in cold areas, users will see advertisements about chili products, while in Seattle, Twitter will display advertisements about new movies in the cinemas and other indoor activities in case of bad weather.

气象频道公司表示,具体的广告形式,仍然是现有的广告推文,在用户的微博信息流中加以显示。广告主在发布这种广告时,可以考虑一座城市的详细实时天气要素,其中包括温度、湿度、风力、降水情况,当然还可以结合其他的精准工具,比如所在位置、兴趣爱好,当前所使用的上网设备等。 Weather Channel says that specific advertising is still in the form of existing ad tweets shown in users’ microblog information flow. When publishing such ads, advertisers can consider detailed and real-time weather elements of a city, including temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, and of course, other precision tools, like location, hobbies & interests, Internet device currently used, also can be taken into account.

据美国媒体报道,Twitter 的天气广告近期会举行一个发布仪式,Twitter 和气象频道的营销人员,将会向广告主大力推荐。 As the U.S. media reported, a launch ceremony about Twitter’s weather advertising will be held recently. And the weather advertising will be strongly recommended to the advertisers by the marketers from Twitter and Weather Channel.

据称,作为天气广告的伙伴,气象频道公司将会从广告收入中获得一定比例的分成,具体比例不详。 It’s alleged that as a partner of the weather advertising, Weather Channel will share a percentage of the advertising revenue, but the specific percentage is unknown.

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