Mechanical products translation is a popular field in translation industry. We not only need to master jargon from mechanical industry but principles in target language. There are a great number of professional words that we need to comprehend, such as foundry, punching, welding, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, powder metallurgy, measurement etc. I have listed some notes that we need to be cautious in the following parts.

1: Technical issues in mechanical products translation

The master of source language is a foundamental requirement in translation. We need to know about any knowledge in any expertise as a good translator. A great translation technique is based on application. Therefore, we need to master a great number of jargons in mechanical field in order to get a better understanding from source language and improve working efficiency.

2: Applications of professional standards in mechanical products translation

There are numerous professional standards in many countries which are responsible for machine production, such as GB standard, JB standard, JJC standard, HG standard, JG standard etc. Besides, specific requirements are ruled in different standards. For example, GB 6994-1986 is a general requirement in GB standard which is about marine electrical equipments. We couldn’t memorize all the requirements even as professionals. But we need to know where can search and get these information.

3:Accumulation of professional foreign vocabulary

In this part, TM can help us a lot. Meanwhile, we need to accumulate words that we have translated, which is a pretty good habit. We would recommend write down some professionals words in the work summary format in order to memorize them conveniently in the future. Or we could write them down in our notebook. This write down thing seems like stupid, actually it is a pretty good way to accumulate unfamiliar words.

4:Study of professional references

Most projects from machinery industry are introductions about their products, which means we have to use a great number of references and a bunch of words originate from references. Study of professional references could give us a great convenience in our work.

5:The style of translation

It is a pretty much important issue in any translation, so does in mechanical products translation. Translation style should be professional, practical, simple and clear when we handle mechanical translation.

In my personal jargons in machinery field, accumulation of jargons and style of translation are of the most important factors. These notes can also apply in other field of translation.

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