Google’s Hardware Arrangements: Always Looking for the "Next" Product

车联网这一概念兴起之后,让很多新兴的互联网企业兴奋不已,他们终于可以“插手”高大上的汽车行业了。今年 5 月,腾讯就发布了腾讯路宝 APP+ 路宝盒子,并宣布成立了“I 车生活平台”,为车主提供一站式的汽车生活服务。由此,腾讯路宝 APP+ 路宝盒子成为腾讯试水车联网的首个落地产品。

Many emerging Internet companies are excited to be involved in the high-end automotive industry finally since the rise of the concept of Internet of vehicles. In May this year, Tencent released an app called Tencent Road Navigation + Road Navigation Box, and announced the establishment of the “I-car life platform” with the purpose of providing one-stop car services to the car owners. So Tencent Road Navigation & Road Navigation Box has become Tencent’s first available product to take a try in the Internet of vehicles.

而在今年的 CES 展会上,谷歌联合通用汽车、奥迪、本田、现代和 Nvidia 等厂商宣布,将共同成立“开放汽车联盟”,旨在向汽车领域推广谷歌 Android 开源系统应用,计划将 Android 打造成通用汽车操作系统。同时,奔驰宣布旗下多款车型将支持 Nest 智能恒温器,Nest Labs 的数据搜集技术,将为车载版 Android 提供丰富的数据支撑,并充当车联网的基石。

And at CES of this year, in cooperation with GM, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Nvidia and others, Google announced that they would jointly set up an “Open Automotive Alliance”, aiming to promote Google’s apps on its Android open-source system to the automotive field and planning to develop Android into the operating system of GM. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz declared that many of its vehicle models would support Nest smart thermostat. And the data collection technology of Nest Labs will offer rich data to the automotive version of Android, and acts as the foundation of the Internet of vehicles.

由此可以看出,谷歌依旧延续了它在智能手机上的策略,以车载版 Android 为基础打造基础的系统服务,以此来把控未来的发展趋势,野心依旧不小。

It can be seen that still following the strategies on its smartphones, Google has created basic system services based on the automotive version of Android, in order to control the development trend of the future. How strong its ambition is!

当然,以上不是全部,我们所知到的项目还有无人驾驶汽车、机器人项目、“物联网”项目等等,而这些都出自 Google X 实验室,谷歌公司最神秘的一个部门,谷歌眼镜就是这个实验室推出的第一款产品。据说 Google X 有一份列举了 100 项未来高科技创意的清单,其中甚至包括太空电梯,这也是 Google 的众多梦想之一。

Of course, what’s said above doesn’t cover all the things. The projects we know include unmanned vehicles, robots, Internet of things and etc.. They all come from Google X Lab, the Google’s most mysterious department. Google Glass is the lab’s first product. Google X is said to have a list of 100 high-tech creative ideas of the future, even including the space elevator, one of the many dreams of Google.

From: The Tmtpost

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