Magento Intro:

Magento is an open source e-commerce web application that was launched on March 31, 2008. It is often widely adopted by trusted online stores with 150,000 sites known for doing things ranging from smaller ecommerce websites to large multinational businesses including Harvey Nichols and Samsung.


this article will guide you to translate magento CSV file offline which could get the help of cat tools.though there are many online translation plugin in magento, but we do believe that translate VIA CAT tools will receive the most benefit with the quality and consistency and delivery time.

1. First you need to export all product info in magento dashboard.

please follow the steps in the above image:

go to system – import/export – dataflow-profiles

then click export all products – run profile.

please wait if your system have many products.

after the export steps is done, you will find an export_all_products.csv in your site FTP.

2. There are many attributes (columns) in the csv file :

  • store websites attribute_set type category_ids sku has_options name meta_title meta_description
  • image small_image thumbnail url_key url_path custom_design page_layout options_container image_label
  • small_image_label thumbnail_label country_of_manufacture msrp_enabled msrp_display_actual_price_type
  • gift_message_available condition warranty vendor_name vendor_number aw_acp_disabled price special_price cost
  • weight msrp status is_recurring visibility enable_googlecheckout tax_class_id aitmanufacturers_sort
  • manufacturer discount_product description short_description meta_keyword custom_layout_update nutrition other_info
  • special_from_date special_to_date news_from_date news_to_date custom_design_from custom_design_to qty min_qty use_config_min_qty is_qty_decimal
  • backorders use_config_backorders min_sale_qty use_config_min_sale_qty max_sale_qty
  • use_config_max_sale_qty is_in_stock low_stock_date notify_stock_qty use_config_notify_stock_qty
  • manage_stock use_config_manage_stock stock_status_changed_auto use_config_qty_increments qty_increments use_config_enable_qty_inc
  • enable_qty_increments stock_status_changed_automatically use_config_enable_qty_increments product_name
  • store_id product_type_id product_status_changed product_changed_websites

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in general, you only need to translate these three column:

Name, Description, Short Description.

please do not destroy, edit or change the order of other attribute, any false operation will cause the whole magento store in error.

after translation, you can import the csv file back into mangento, then your magento store product info will correspond to the translation you provided.

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