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Our website localization services are specially tailored to meet all your customized demands. The only thing you need to do in order to get your website translated is to contact our sales agent. Once you contact us we will analyze your website and give you a quote.We are available for you 24/7 through emails. You can contact us for any concerns that you may have. All you concerns are dealt as a priority.Each one of your projects is assigned a project manager in order to ensure high quality and efficiency. Strict adherence to our standards have made us one of the most trusted service providers across the globe.

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We Translate Any World Language

CCJK is a professional language translation company with over 10 years of experience

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What People Say About Us

Better Quality Control System

Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

ISO 9001-2008

Our quality control system strictly follows the ISO: 9001-2008 standards to ensure the quality and speed of every project.

Strict Working Flow

CCJK’s structured work-flow ensures consistency of quality across projects no matter the size. Every client enjoys the best we have to offer.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each CCJK client, monitoring the work performed and responding to clients’ ongoing/changing needs.

Over 95% of our clients recommend
our language services to others

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