S, Word startup parameter profile

Click “Start -> Run” command, then enter the path and parameter determination Word to run, such as “C:PROGRAM FILESMICROSOFT OfficeOffice 10WINWord.EXE /n”, these commonly used parameters and functions are as follows:

/ n: start Word does not create a new file.

/ a: General plug-ins and templates ban starts automatically.

/ m: disable the automatic execution of macros.

/ w: Word to start a new process, independence and the process of running Word.

/ c: Start Word, and then call the Net meeting.

/ q: does not display a splash screen.

In addition to the parameters required for the normal, we can right-click the Word shortcut icon, and then fill in the “target” entry path with the parameter.

Eight, Using the Format Painter

1, set the format of the text 1.

2, place the cursor in the text one.

3, click the Format Painter button.

4, selected other text (text 2), the text format and text 1 2 the same.
In step 3, if double clicking the button, you can using the Format Painter unlimited number of times. Click the Format Painter again (or press the Esc key) to cancel.

Night, Divide the Word table into two columns

Put the cursor at a location in the form from which the word file will be divided, and then press “Ctrl + Shift + Enter” key combination. Then you will find the middle table automatically inserts a blank line.

Ten, the full-width punctuation or semi-conversion exchange with each other can using key combination “Ctrl +.”.

Eleven, Fast Tour Image

In WORD2003, if you insert too many pictures , it will affect the open and rolling speed. In fact, we can change the way pictures are displayed and it can help to change the browsing speed. The step is “Tools – Options – View -Picture frame”. If doing so, the word will only shows the picture box firstly. When you want to watch the pictures, you can stay on the page and the picture will display!


In the word edit work, often adjust the words size to meet the editorial requirements. You can select the text you want to modify, and press “ctrl + ]” or “ctrl + [” to change the font size. This method can change the font size micro.

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