Twitter to give game developers the technical support is obviously not as good as the Facebook platform, but this is mainly due to the platform of the user interaction. Twitter is obviously in the functional development of more organized, such as message forwarding feature to the official button / functionality before the show, which first appeared in the user agreement. Organized to promote community development and exchange of development, but it does not help to regulate the gaming development

However, the Twitter platform, the two game types is feasible .Through the social networking account to connect to an external user data outside of the game is a consistent experience.

Site features limit the amount of experience required for registration and additional game data storage capacity, more importantly, the platform will be achieved / connection notification message back to the user social network, expanding coverage of the game.

Twitter net game mainly separated from the Facebook platform. Any game with microblogging can choose to let players interact through a third party website or microblogging platform interaction.

Intellectual games, quiz games, and text challenge text-only interface, but through Twitter landing outside the main game is to expand the coverage of the game, rather than as a game mechanism. While Facebook champion in this field, but the text game still offers a chance for Twitter.

Today Twitter game development seems just around the corner, the platform has a certain user base, and to have some functional development options. However, the game can not be content with separate channels of mass communication is the biggest challenge facing game developers. Game you want to emerge on Twitter, Twitter should satisfy the following conditions.

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Twitter needs to provide users with a message through the platform or keyword filtering function

In a variety of large-scale event, or event have users have made such requests for information filtering, this filter function is very important for game development. A message from the gaming platform can easily be ignored by non-gamers ,but the user will be interested to read or even forward. This feature prevents the game players experience hinder, impede the development of the game.

Twitter API developers need to think game development is a powerful, stable platform

Twitter will continue to focus towards the direction of the user platform. However, the recent development of the user white list so that developers really surprised, resulting in the development of the project impractical, hinder future creative development.

Relevant data and high-volume response of the game content, and the development of common Twitter application had to use expensive third-party programs to gain access to high capacity, and this program is only suitable for medium-sized enterprises with deep pockets.

In addition, API limits the user response is the limit spam and junk towards a major step program, but it also limits the games page to respond to user scalability.

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Twitte applications (including games) need to provide a richer knowledge base for the player search

The Facebook platform, games and applications is the core of the network search. Therefore, users can easily find, quickly landing, experience the game, without leaving the network.

Twitter now needs to be improved in this regard, the platform is currently no official application directory, players have to find that Google or third-party applications and games directory. If you Google search Twitter in the game, you will find a range of game content with a blog and Twitdom a third-party directory .

The rate of return will bring positive returns to twitter game development . Although the game in terms of size, Twitter can not match Facebook Twitter gaming market development strategy need to adjust to the development of third-party applications, which is crucial to its gaming market.

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