Middle East market is now the world’s game to complete one of the largest growth market, but the composition of the 22 Arabic countries, the Middle East has been neglected by the game industry.

Middle East 400 million, 75 million people who use the network, mobile phone sales in July 2010 to September reached 40 million units, of which the population under the age of 25 accounted for 180 million. So many young people representing gaming market growth will be very impressive, and the world who use Facebook 15% turned out to be the Middle East, and this is a surprising fact.

More young people, mobile phones and other IT equipment indicates that the explosive popularity of the game market will likely usher in the explosive growth.

Middle East, with 10 billion gaming market, mobile phone and PC platforms overwhelming advantage. The game software, because the PS3 has the largest amount of popularity, with about half of the share, the same game, then the PS3 platform and Xbox360 sales ratio is about 7 to 1, the demand for online games is very large.

Is such a game is to accelerate growth in the market, localization is done very little, now confined to “ウ ォ ー ー リ”, “Start the Party” and “This is Football” and so few games. Which, from Asia although massively multiplayer online RPG has also been introduced, but the bad game translation and cultural differences that make success can only be maintained in a short time.

Religion and God, grade, credit is not universal, and so on, the Middle East gaming market in the future there are many issues to overcome a lot of potential but its potential is indeed not be ignored.

Israel’s gaming market. This has a population of 7.6 million, using the language of Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian of four major national scientific and technological progress, PC popular high volume, each child has a own computer.Even Microsoft’s Kinect is the first thought of by Israel, the demand side of the game, sports, FPS and so has a high popularity.

Network coverage throughout the lower North Africa, concentrated in some countries, large cities and resorts; also very weak network services, online banking and the like to buy or not to carry out basic. * North Africa, the relatively well in Egypt (the overall national strength is relatively good), Morocco (resort) * North Africa broadband access rate of 2% -15% of personal computers are not popular young people’s computer .

network is fascinated, eager to network and the outside world, but the way they access the network generally limited to: higher education institutions in the engine room and Internet cafe Internet cafe.Even if the network speed is very slow, slow to open web pages, but can not run large-scale online games. North Africa players with limited purchasing power, which the local economic level, but also and pay channels

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Although the relative lack of the Middle East, the North Africa region is more closed, more stubborn ideology, but because access to the network fewer people, so this limitation is relatively small areas of the network.

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