Overnight success is a myth and years of hard work are required for making your name in the global markets. Just providing the best service or creating the best product cannot guarantee success. For a business to succeed, developing a good relationship with its customers and employees is necessary.

You must translate your offers and discounts into the language of your target audience. Because you will eventually fail to develop a lasting bond with them if you don’t value the culture and language of your target audience.

To advertise products for people of all ethnic backgrounds, businesses hire translators or sign contracts with translation agencies. If you want to connect with the people of Texas, you have to first realize that Texas has a diverse community. Moreover, if you are operating a business in Texas and want to expand globally, you must be aware of the top translation companies in Texas.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Translation Services in Texas;

Global Communication Solutions

In over 80 languages and to companies of all sizes, Global communication Solutions offers translation and localization services. They deliver superior services at a very competitive price, as they have a combination of skilled resources, along with efficient processes and state-of-the-art translation tools.

The aspect that makes them stand out from the crowd is that they base their entire success upon the success of their clients. So, within the scope of their competencies, they attempt to work with their clients, as if they were an extension of their business. This step ensures quality control.

Their quality assurance process is fully compliant with ASTM F 2575-06 and EN 15038 standards for quality assurance in translation. Hence, they are considered to be among the top translation companies.


The standard rate that global communication is charging its clients is $25-50. Moreover, translation charges also depend upon the complexity of the project.

Live Chat

It is not providing a live chat service. To contact them, you have to email them at [email protected] or you can call them at the toll-free number.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a renowned translation company that has been providing Professional Translation Services for more than 17 years and is considered by many as one of the top Translation companies in Texas. In fast turnaround time and economical rates, e-commerce, eLearning translations, video, document, websites are provided by competent translators and linguists.

No matter in which industry you are operating, Mars translation is always there for you. You can check the quotes of the translation from the website and order for any 2000 language pairs as per your requirements. The reason why it is one of the best translation service providers is that it adheres to stringent quality standards.

In fast turnaround time and economical rates, e-commerce, eLearning translations, video, document, websites are provided by competent translators and linguists.


The pricing structure of Mars translation is very cost-effective. It charges its clients based on target language and industry.

Live Chat

To provide customers with the best customer services, Mars Translation is providing live chat.

Texan Translation

For the past 13 years, Texan Translation, a top-rated translation company, has been working in Texas. Founded in Austin, Texas, they are a small, woman-owned, family business. They have prioritized their services by translating legal documents.

These mainly include; wills, vital statistics records, vehicle titles, powers of attorney, forensic recordings, financial statements, evidentiary documents, drivers’ licenses, diplomas, credentials, court orders, contracts, academic transcripts, etc. Moreover, they also focus on translating particularly business documents, such as; signage, manuals, forms, web copy, etc.

On the other hand, if you ever feel that you need translation of your work in languages such as, Vietnamese, Ukraine, Russian, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, French and Spanish, then Texan Translation will do the job.


Texan translation is charging its clients $25 /hr

Live Chat

It is providing a live chat service to answer customer queries promptly.

CCJK Technologies

CCJK started its translation services in 2000 intending to provide a one-stop solution in mobile app localization, online interpretation, website translation, gaming translation, software localization, multilingual e-learning development, and multilingual desktop publishing, video transcription and subtitling, and many others.

It has employed several native translators after strict scrutiny. The translators who possess the required skill set are given translation projects. From the start of its translation journey, this company has been using such a rating mechanism that synchronizes with the quality assurance system and enables them to provide impeccable translation services. In Austin, it is one of the best Translation companies.

The translators who possess the required skill set are given translation projects.

Contact Us: https://www.ccjk.com/contact


It is charging all the translation projects on a per-word basis. Moreover, the price of the project also depends upon the target language, chosen industry, and length of the project.

Live Chat

CCJK is offering a live chat service to provide unparalleled customer services to global clients.

Multilingual Connections

Organizations that are looking to understand, engage and grow their multilingual audiences are supported by one of the best translation agencies in Texas, called Multilingual Connections. They work in over 76 languages and provide customized localization services.

These include translation of employee handbooks, apps, websites, marketing materials, surveys, and contracts. Moreover, they also provide foreign language audio transcription services, in which they transcribe video and audio interviews, seminars, calls, and focus groups.

They have also expanded their scope by providing linguistic and cultural adaptation of creative content like advertising/marketing campaigns, and movie titles. On top of that, they provide multilingual subtitles for corporate training/eLearning content, advertising, and documentaries or films.


The pricing structure of multilingual connections is very transparent.

Live Chat

It is providing a live chat service to answer your question quickly whenever you need it.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc

In Texas, GRM Transcription Services, Inc, provides transcription services in the USA that are affordable, accurate, and state of the art. With quick turnaround times, GMR is one of the most trusted sources, that has a record of providing millions of minutes of audio recordings, and that has ultimately led to thousands of happy clients.

To meet the transcript expectations, GMR only hires US-based transcription who come from a multitude of backgrounds. Moreover, while maintaining complete confidentiality, GMR, being a corporate member of the American Translators Association (ATA), provides translation services with guaranteed accuracy and fast turnaround times.


The translation rate provided by GMR transcription is $0.30 per word.

Live Chat

It is not providing a live chat service. So, if you want to contact them then you can call them at a toll-free number. Moreover, you can fill the form on their website.


If you want to avail quality translation services in the field of e-commerce, technical, medical, legal, and business, the LanguageTran is a renowned global translation company operating in Texas, to provide you with the best content. What this organization focuses upon is quality.

And right from the start, they take time to accomplish tasks but never compromise on quality. This is the reason why they have maintained an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau. They provide structured workflow protocols that the majority of the other Translation Agencies do not and try to cut corners with them.

Moreover, they are one of those few translation companies that spend a significant amount of time understanding the culture and people’s mentality before starting to translate documents. These efforts enable them to stand out from the rest of the competition.


The pricing structure of languageTran is very competitive.

Live Chat

It is not providing a live chat service. So, to contact them, you have to email them at [email protected]


TranslatorUSA is another renowned Translation agency working in Texas. What differentiates TranslatorUSA from the other operating agencies is that it tends to focus upon the old-fashioned values and work ethic, which makes them both current and experienced. They do not discriminate against their clients based on their company’s net worth or how much value they are going to get in the end, rather they embed integrity into every signal project and client.

For them, every single Translation project is of ultimate importance. They assure their clients that their projects will be handled professionally and accurately every time, hence with their state-of-the-art Quality Control Process, all the errors are diminished.

Moreover, they also have a plethora of SMEs that are readily available if some technical documents such as legal services, medical sciences, or business come to be translated.


TranslatorUSA doesn’t provide you with price quotes until you upload your document on their website.

Live Chat

It is not providing a live chat service. To contact them, you can email them or call them at a toll-free number

Vanan Translation

Conveying a message clearly to everyone across the globe is one of the hardest tasks that a translation service agency has to accomplish. Very few get the job done, and the ones that do have to maintain that consistent quality throughout their translation projects. Vanan Translation is one of those companies. Over 40300+ customers have been served by Vanan, and it’s still counting.

Where 86569 pages are translated within 59489 minutes into the target language while maintaining accuracy and affordability with the price starting from $17.5/page. Vanan translation services do the impossible by keeping with the deadlines and still ensuring accuracy and quality. Moreover, they are also members of the American Translation Association, and they offer services that stick to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.


The price structure of Vanan Translation is affordable without any compromise on quality.

Live Chat

It is providing a live chat service to help the customers with their queries.


With the objective that all global companies should become a part of the globalized world and could communicate in their local language, TransFluent was established. It came up as a leading translation provider which is using innovative technology.

It employs 100 translators that are global and knows the translation requirements and challenges faced by the global companies so that all the services of TransFluent are designed to solve global localization and translation problems.

Moreover, they focus on building trust every day with every client. They even take the initiative to provide free expert consultation and project administration for anyone who may need it, which makes them the leader in legal, medical, IT, and insurance translation services.


The pricing structure of TransFluent is very competitive. Moreover, it charges on a per word basis and according to the language pairs.

Live Chat

It is not providing a live chat service. Therefore, to contact them, you have to fill the form on their website.


With the advent of time, Texas has started to become a cultural hub, where diversity prevails as people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, and religions live together as a community. Nonetheless, it is the job of the translation services working in Texas to provide customers with the best possible translated projects that comply with the industry standards.

Moreover, they need to assure that accuracy is maintained. There is no compromise in the quality of the content that is translated. And the translated material is comprehensible and can be easily understood by the intended target audience. That is only possible if the translation agency has hired professional translators who can understand the mentality and perception of the customers who will eventually have to read the content.

But the important thing is to submit error-free work. Henceforth, if the people living in Texas are looking for translation services that can provide them with the translated work, then the above-mentioned agencies should be contacted, as they are providing above-average services.


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