Top 10 Certified Translation Services in 2021

What is a certified translation? The word certified translation has confused people from all around the world. Hence it is because several names are given to certified translation services. Some people called it a sworn translation whereas some people called it an official translation or public legal translation. To your surprise, they are the different names of the same translation. Certified translation services ensure the accuracy of the translation. Furthermore, they are with a signature and a seal.

Translation clients are also confused regarding what the notarizes do. Many people go for notarized translation rather than certified translation. Although, there is a big difference between them. The notarizes deal with the identity of the person that signs the document. On the other hand, certified translation deals with the accuracy of the document.

Legal documentation requires a certified translation.  For instance, if you need to submit court documents, immigration concerns, Global validation of academic credentials, or n international business contract, here comes the question of who are the translators that can provide you with certified translations. 

According to American Translators Associations, the certified translator is a linguist whose linguistic skills are analyzed and verified by a certifying organization. Many certified translation companies are working around the globe.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 certified translation services in 2021.


Day Translations

DayTranslations is a renowned certified translation company. Whether you want certified translation services for university credentials or you want certified translation services for the US immigration process, DayTranslations is a viable option for you. It has a team of professional translators. 

Impeccable certified translations are provided for all the documents which are used in the immigration process. Moreover, the USCIS approved immigration experts translate and certify your documents professionally. Additionally, if you require interpretation services during the immigration interviews, the DayTranslation is there for you.


DayTranslation is providing affluent certified translation services at competitive rates. It is the best option for those that are looking for high-quality translations at reasonable prices. 

Live Chat Support 

DayTranslation is aimed at providing customer services support according to your translation requirements. Therefore, it is providing 24/7  live chat support. 

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Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is a professional certified translation company. It provides high-quality translation services at affordable prices. It has a team of proficient translators that provides the seamless certified translation in several languages. If you are planning to immigrate to the US immigration for studies or a job.

Thus, the translators at Universal Translation Services can provide you with affluent birth certificate translations, diplomas, and degree translations. Moreover, with marriage and divorce certificates translations. The USCIS and other legal authorities accept all these certified translations This translation company provides competitive translation prices with the lowest price for certified translations. 


Universal Translation Services is providing 24-hour service without any extra cost. It is not charging any rush job rates. Moreover, it is charging a flat rate per word for all language pairs translations.

Live Chat Support 

Universal Translation Services provides live chat support to its customers. So if you require any information regarding code, you can ask them and get a quick response.  

The Word Point

WordPoint provides online certified translation services in more than 50 languages. It provides state-of-the-art translations to its clients. Government and legal documentation require a certified translation. Therefore, if you are applying for immigration, or working on a legal case.

hence the WordPoint can provide you with the required certified translations. The proficient certified translators are available 24/7 to assist you in your certified translation requirements. At WordPoint the certified translation projects are given to the best proficient translators so that accuracy is not at stake.


The WordPoint charges are according to the number of the words, the complexity of the project, and language pairs. Moreover, charges may vary according to the urgency of the project. 

Live Chat Support

The WordPoint is not providing live chat support but if you need any assistance, you can email them any time. They are ready to help you 24/7. 

Rush Translate

RushTranslate is the largest translation company that is providing certified translations in the USA. Around thousands of individuals and businesses are leveraging from its certified translations. It provides impeccable certified translation at fast turn-around time and economical rates. The translators at RushTranslate provide seamless translations.

The company provides certified translations on company letterhead with page numbers and order numbers. Moreover, with its contact information and ATA corporate member number. RushTranslate makes revisions on the final copy of the certified translation to ensure accuracy and credibility.


RushTranslate is charging impeccable translation services at the rate of $24.95 per page with 24-hour delivery.

Live Chat Support

RushTranslate is not providing live chat support so if you want any assistance, you can email them from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Straker Translations

StrakerTranslations provides corporate translation services for legal documents, videos, e-commerce. Moreover, it provides certified translation services for birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, academic, and immigration translation services. Thus, you will receive certified document translation with an official document that shows that the certified translation agency has done a translation.

The government authorities accept the certified translation by StrakerTranslations. It provides the best immigration translation services of NAATI and USCIS that fulfill all the legal requirements. If you need certified translations in Arabic, French, Chinese, German. Moreover, in Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish then opt for StrakerTranslations.


Straker Translations is using cutting-edge translation technology and automation to provide its customers with affordable rates. 

Live Chat Support

Straker Translations is providing live chat support. Therefore if you need any expert assistance then you can ask your question through live chat. 


CCJK is the top translation company that is addressing the translation needs of the global world. It is providing services like language translations, localization, transcreation. Moreover, multimedia, editing, and interpretation are also covered. The industries covered by CCJK are financial, medical, manufacturing. Moreover manufacturing, government, legal, and many more.

CCJK employs a team of native translators who are subject matter experts in their fields. So, if you require translation of any legal or government documents, opt for CCJK. It provides state-of-the-art translation services on time and at affordable rates. CCJK is ISO certified which proves its standard of translations.


The pricing structure of CCJK is according to the target language, chosen industry, and the size of the project. It is providing affordable rates to its customers. Moreover, it is offering 3 revisions for free. 

Live Chat Support

CCJK is providing live chat support. Therefore if you require any help, you can contact them and they will respond to you promptly. 

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Mars Translation

Mars Translation is the top translation company. It provides a certified translation with the help of certified translators. Rigorous assessments are done to hire these translators. Therefore they provide their clients with impeccable certified translation services. Whether you want a certified translation for business contracts or legal cases, Mars Translation is at your service.

Legal documents are translated by proficient certified translators. They know all the legal terminologies and provide impeccable translation results. Top-notch global companies of the world are leveraging Mars Translation services. Stringent quality checks are done by certified translators to ensure 100 accuracies and credibility.


Mars Translation has categorized its pricing structure into three categories that are MPTE, standard, and professional. All these categories are charged on a per-word basis. Clients can also avail of bundle offers to save money. 

Live Chat Support

Mars Translation is providing the best customer services to its clients. In case of any query, you can contact them through live chat support. 

Translation AZ

Translation AZ is a top translation company. It is providing translation services in an array of different fields like e-commerce, financial, industrial moreover, legal, medical, and IT translations. Translation AZ provides certified legal translations. They have hired a certified legal translator. These translators are subject matter experts of their fields.

If you want a legal contract translation or a patent, you are covered. Also, proficient translators provide you with seamless certified translation service in a fast turnaround time. To ensure the accuracy of the legal documents, they proofread the documents. You can opt for Translation AZ if you want accurate and reliable certified translation services in 2021.


Translation AZ  is offering package prices for multiple documents and volume discounts for larger documents.

Live Chat Support

Translation AZ  is providing live chat support for your translation projects. Customer services of Translation AZ is always ready to assist you any time and at any day.

Absolute Translations

Absolute Translations is a certified translation services company. It provides certified translations of legal documents like certificates of birth, marriage, academics. Moreover, it provides certified translation of company incorporation documents and contracts on demand. The certified translation services are recognized by the organizations like NARIC and the UK Passport Office.

Proficient certified translators provide their clients with impeccable certified translation services on a daily basis. The recruitment of translators is done on the basis of mother tongue. In all its certified translation, Absolute Translations give attention to details. As a result, it has made its reliable name in the industry.


Absolute Translations is using cutting-edge technology like CAT tools. Because of this technology, there is no need to re-translating the content. Consequently, Absolute Translations charges you 70% less. 

Live Chat Support

Absolute Translations is providing live chat support. Therefore, if you want to inquire anything about your translation project, you can ask on live chat. 

Atlanta Apostille

Atlanta Apostille is a professional and certified translation company.  It provides certified business translation and personal document translation across the globe. The competent translators at Atlanta Apostille provide 100 accurate translation services to clients.

These translators review the embassy legalization process and US State Department certification to provide impeccable certified translation services. The translation projects are completed on time. So, if you want your job done on time with no errors then opt for Atlanta Apostille.

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Atlanta Apostille believes in giving back to the community. So for this reason it offers special rates to veterans, missionaries, teachers, peace corp, and AmeriCorps.

Live Chat Support

Atlanta Apostille is not providing live chat support. You can contact them by filling the form on their website. 

Wrapping Up

We came across certain situations in life like we need certified translations for professional and personal use. Let’s see with the example if you are married abroad, you will need a marriage certificate translation. Moreover, if you are migrating to another country then you will require a certified translation of your documents. There is no room for error in certified translation service. Therefore, it is very important to select a professional translation company that can provide you with meticulous certified translation services in 2021.


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