Top 10 Translation Companies in New York

New York is known as the business hub of the world. People from all around the world wish to migrate to the USA for a better quality of life. Multiple ethnic groups are residing in New York. Moreover, they speak different languages. So, to communicate with these people in their native language, you need a service of translation Companies. Here we will dive into the top 10 translation companies in New York.

List of Top 10 Translation Companies in New York

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Certified Translation

If you are looking for the top translation companies in New York, Certified Translation is one of the best options for you. It provides seamless translation services in less than 24 hours at affordable rates. It is a vigilant and professional translation company. The proof of its authenticity is that it is a member of the American translator’s association. It provides translation from English in over 100 languages.

All the translations done are accepted by USCIS. The objective of certified translation is to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. Moreover, the wide range of languages is designed to fulfill the translation needs of its clients. The certified translation provides notarized translations for immigration documents. If you are applying for US immigration then do opt for certified translation services for reliable results.


The Certified Translation pricing structure can fit in anyone’s pockets. It is providing the lowest translation rates in New York.  

Live Chat Support 

Certified Translation is providing 24/7  live chat support to make sure that their clients get prompt replies whenever they need it. 

Rush Translate

Rush Translate helps entrepreneurs and businesses to get impeccable translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates. It has a team of proficient translators who are subject-matter experts and possess prior experience. Hence, they provide affluent translations in an array of different fields like academic transcripts and legal documents, Moreover, they provide translation for financial mortgage and documents of immigration. The strength of Rush Translate is its translation team.

They share their values and work with collaboration. Rush Translate follows a rigorous approach for providing state-of-the-art translation and meeting the deadline. It is using the latest technology with excellent customer services to provide its customers with seamless translation services. So do opt for Rush Translate, if you are in New York.


Rush Translate charges certified translation for $24.95 per page and standard translation for $0.10 per word. 

Live Chat Support 

Rush Translate is not providing live chat support. If you have any queries, you can email them.

Express Language Solutions

Express language is one of the leading professional translation companies. Its head office is located in New York.  Its translations are not done word to word. Hence, they consider the cultural and regional intricacies while providing impeccable translation services to their clients. It provides translation services in several languages like French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, and many other languages.

It possesses a team of native translators that are competent in translation, editing, and proofreading. They provide you with affluent translation services. The translation project is handed over to the project manager. They discuss with the clients about the project and eliminate the unnecessary parts. Furthermore, they try to complete the translated projects on time and within budget.


Express Language Solutions is providing competitive prices. These prices are based on clients’ individual needs. 

Live Chat Support 

Express Language Solutions is providing live chat support to deal with clients’ different requirements. 

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Globe Language Services Inc.

Globe Language Services, Inc. is a top translation and foreign education evaluation agency. It is the charter and endorsed member of the association of international credential evaluators. Global Language Services, Inc. provides translation and expert opinions regarding educational credentials, degrees, diplomas, and work experience. Also, it provides certified and notarized written document translations in different fields like medicine, science, engineering.

Moreover, it provides translation services in business, banking, engineering, and many more. It provides affluent translation services in more than 150 languages. The translations and evaluation reports by Globe Language Services Inc are accepted for higher education, employment, and professional licensing. If you want to fulfill your education and employment requirements then Globe Language Services Inc is a viable option for you.


Global Language Services is charging its clients on the basis of language pairs. 

Live Chat Support 

Global Language Services is not providing live chat support. To contact them, you can email them. 

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a leading translation company. It uses a cost-effective and intuitive platform to cater to the translation needs of the global world. Also, it provides translation and localization services in an array of different fields like documents, websites, e-commerce. Moreover, it provides impeccable translation services in video, e-learning, and DTP, and file conversion. Mars translation has a team of native translators that are subject-matter experts.

They provide you with impeccable translation services in a fast turn-around team and at economical rates.  The translators are hired in Mars translation by rigorous assessment. After the translation is done, stringent quality checks are applied to ensure the accuracy of the translation. So do opt for Mars Translation, if you are looking for Professional Translation Services.


Mars Translation has designed its pricing packages according to the needs of the clients. The affordable rates of Mars Translation start from $ 0.06 per word.  

Live Chat Support 

Mars Translation is providing the best customer services to its clients by providing 24/7 live chat support.


TransLingua is a leading translation company that aims to eradicate the communication barriers among the countries and cultures. It focuses on the quality of the translation rather than its volume. The translators and linguists are hired through rigorous assessments. The translation projects are handed over to a proficient project manager that has prior experience in handling similar projects. It follows the hands-on approach.

Thus, they are successful in fulfilling the translation requirements of clients. TransLingua has made its name in the world of translation with over 30 years of sheer dedication. It has a wide network of linguists that knows the project management processes and quality assurance checks. Consequently, they provide you with meticulous translation services. In short, it’s one of the reliable translation companies in New York.

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TransLingua first creates a summary of the document. The reduced size of the document helps to reduce costs. Therefore, TransLingua is charging economical rates to their clients. 

Live Chat Support 

TransLingua is not providing live chat support. If you need assistance regarding the translation of any type of document, you can contact them through their website by sending them an email or by calling them.


CCJK is among the best translation companies in New York. It is providing its services globally in more than 80 language pairs. It has a team of native and industry-specific translators who are hired through tough assessment. CCJK aims to provide state-of-the-art translation services around the globe. It is providing its services in different fields like automotive, financial, and manufacturing. Moreover, it is providing services in the government, legal and more fields.

It covers multilingual websites, mobile app localization, and multilingual e-learning. Moreover, it is also providing services in multilingual desktop publishing, video transcription and subtitling, and many more. It is an ISO-certified multilingual solution provider that has been leading the translation industry for two decades. For impeccable translation and localization services, do opt for CCJK.


The CCJK is charging according to the target language and selected industry.  Moreover, the price varies with the actual length of the project. It charges on a per-word basis. 

Live Chat Support 

The CCJK is providing live chat support. You can also contact CCJK through their website. 

Langalo Translations

Langalo is the leading translation company operating in New York. It is serving the translation needs of government agencies, companies, and individuals from all around the world. It is providing translation services in an array of fields like legal, medical, and educational. Moreover, it also provides medical interpretation and evaluation of educational documents and many more. Langalo Translations has a team of proficient and experienced proofreaders, editors, and project managers.

Hence, they provide their clients with seamless translation services at fast turnaround times and economical rates. The professional translators provide work with quality assurance processes combined with technology. As a result, you get affluent translations. If you want an evaluation of foreign academic credentials or some immigration papers, opt for Langalo Translations.


Langalo Translations are providing reasonable pricing quotes. You can also contact them to discuss different pricing quotations. 

Live Chat Support 

Langalo is not providing live chat support. If you want to contact them you can email them or call a toll-free number. 

Acclaro Translating Global Business

Acclaro is the top translation company. It aims to provide impeccable translation and localization services in some fields like website, document, and marketing translation. Moreover, it provides software localization and interpretation services. The project managers at Acclaro use the latest technology with their translation expertise to get seamless results. They follow customized workflows with expertise.

Moreover, they give attention to details in the translation process. Acclaro is working with the top-notch companies of the world and making their brands successful. So, if you want to make your brand recognizable outside the border then take the services of Acclaro.  With the help of Acclaro, you can get a competitive advantage in the global market.


Acclaro Translation Global is providing low rates by using translation memory software. 

Live Chat Support 

Acclaro translation global company is providing exceptional customer care through live chat support. 

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The Translation Company

The Translation Company offers top-quality localization and translation services. It is catering to a number of industries like life sciences, legal services, technology. Moreover, it is providing services for the technical, legal, and medical industries. Besides, these translations are provided in more than 200 languages. It has hired a team of proficient translators with years of experience.

They provide meticulous translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates. Furthermore, the Translation Company is also a member of the American Translators Association. It follows strict quality assurance measures for localization and translation projects. Thus, if you need flawless results, The Translation Company is a great pick!


The Translation Company is providing economical rates to the clients while managing premium quality. 

Live Chat Support 

The Translation Company is not providing live chat support. To get a demo or a price quote, you need to fill the form on its website. 

Wrapping Up

Each translation company has its fields of specialization. Don’t get confused while selecting a translation company. You should be aware of your project requirements. This will make your decision easy. So, if you are looking for professional and reliable top translation companies in New York, then select from the above-mentioned companies.


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