While proofreading Fairchild project on IT industry these days, and finding lots of technical terminology with certain translations in IT industry, so need us to pay attention and apply the appropriate translation in such field, here I’d like to list several examples and share with you.

Example 1. {0}{1}Abstract –{2}{3}{4} {5}{6}{7}{8}Increasing power density, faster switching and higher currents are forcing designers to spend more time both for considering the effects of electromagnetic interference (“EMI”) and for debugging a design which has EMI problems but is otherwise complete.{9}
{0}{1}摘要 –{2}{3}{4} {5}{6}{7}{8}随着功率密度的增加、开关速度的提高、以及电流的增大,设计师不得不花费更多的时间考虑电磁干扰(EMI) 效应和调试有 EMI 问题的设计(并且这些工作仍未结束)。{9}

The word ‘debug’ is more suitable to be translated as “调试”,not “调测”。

Example 2. Resonant and quasi-resonant topologies offer a very elegant way out of this dilemma.

The word ‘resonant’, ‘quasi-resonant’ is translated as ‘谐振’ and ‘准谐振’ respectively here, so need us to pay special attention to them.

Example 3. It is important to note that the EMI filter will work most of the times in an unmatched setup, with the line and load impedances different from the design impedance of the filter, which is therefore reflecting most of the energy.
值得重点注意的是 EMI 滤波器大多数时间都在不相匹配的设置中工作,即线路和负载阻抗与滤波器的设计阻抗不同,因此会反射大部分能量。

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The word ‘filter’ is translated as ‘滤波器’ here.

Example 4. {0}Equivalent circuit model of an electrolytic capacitor{1}

In this example, the word ‘electrolytic capacitor’ is translated as ‘电解电容器’.

Example 5. Insert RC shunts across the lines, to attenuate certain frequencies and also introduce some damping
在线路中插入 RC 分流器,从而使某些频率得以衰减,并引入阻尼。

In this example, the word ‘shunt’ and ‘damping’ is translated as ‘分流器’ and ‘阻尼’ respectively, not the general meanings, thus, also need us to notice these difference.