Hydraulic Engineering, which is a branch of civil engineering, mainly focuses on the flow and conveyance of fluids, principally water and sewage. It is related to the design of bridges, channels, canals and dams and its main sub-branches include flood control works, hydraulic and hydro-power engineering, key water-control project, channel regulation project, port engineering, soil and water conservation works, water supply engineering, water drainage works and so on..

As it is an extensive subject, it involves in much specialized vocabulary. To perform well when translating this subject related materials, we should master a lot of technical terms. The following are some terminology frequently used in hydraulic engineering.

水库淤积测量 Reservoir accretion survey, it refers to the measurements carried out with the purpose of studying the laws of sediment accumulation.

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施工测量 Construction survey, it refers to the measurements carried out in the construction stage.

大坝变形观测 Dam deformation observation, it refers to the measurement carried out with instruments, with the purpose to observe the dam displacement and deformation.

护面层 Armour layer, it refers to protective layer on rubble mound breakwater composed of armour units.

巨砾 Boulder, it refers to a rounded rock with a diameter of more than 10 inches and is larger than a cobblestone.

海岸线 Coastline, technically, it refers to the line that forms the boundary between the COAST and the SHORE; Commonly, it refers to the line that forms the boundary between the land and the water.

堤坝 Dike, it is a long, low embankment with a height usually less than four to five meters and a length more than ten or fifteen times the maximum height and it is usually used to protect land from flooding.

风积 Eolian deposit, it refers to the deposit coming from substances transported by wind.

坡积 Slope deposit, it refers to the deposit on the surface of hill slope, which is comprised of weathering debris conveyed from a great height.

I will talk about more vocabulary of this area later.

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