With the development of society, it becomes more and more convenient to communicate among people in the world. Information communication technology keeps moving forward with a fast speed. Among world top 500 companies, there are a lot of companies in the information communication technology such as Huawei and Intel.

Information communication technology is short as ICT.ICT is often used in the context of “ICT roadmap” to indicate the path that an organization will take with their ICT needs It is also used as an overarching term in a few schools, universities.

Let us look at two events recently happend in Huawei.

1.Huawei and Intel cooperate to develop LTE TDD ecosystem. They will build an cooperative testing lab to enhance the development of LTE TDD ecosystem.

Intel and Hua announced that they start to cooperte in April 27, 2012. This will enhance mutual cooperative testing development and the deployment of LTE TDD. The mutual party will build such a mutual cooperative lab to promote the implement of LTE TDD technology.

The director of Huawei wireless TD-LTE&TDS&WiMAX Mr. Deng Taihua said “Huawei is always focused on promoting the LTE TDD and increase the investment in TD-LTE. We are happy to cooperate with Intel to heip us develop for the purpose of providing advanced LTE TDD solutions and enhancing the sustainable development of the industry.

In this mutual cooperation, Huawei will take advantage of its professionalism in network infrastructure and technology. While Intel will bring innovation and economic and effective communication platform. Hence, LTE TDD development will become more and more mature. By connecting with Huawei communication Infrastructure, Intel can test the moving platform from end to end in the real environment.

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The vice director of Intel product department and general manager of communication development Mr. Chen Rongkui said, mutual innovation is Intel’s strategy in China. The cooperation with Huawei will take advantage of the two party’s strong fields. We are striving to cooperate with Chinese partner to build a healthy LE TDD ecosystem in China and the world.

2.Huawei attends an ICT exibition with its core theme of “build strong electricity network and embrace the brainpower time. In the exibition, Huawei brings solutions for new energy, infrastructure, electricity information.

The network of ICT system is very huge and complex including different technology and products. Designing the brainpower ICT network needs union plan and consideration. Moreover, it needs reliable contactorto provide solutions. Hauwei has rich products solutions.

It can provide one-stop solutions for clients, partners and agents. Meanwhile, Huawei has open R & D system with an all-in-one idea to design products and provide solutions, only to make it better for using and maintenance. T

herefore, the electricity client could save cost and improve efficiency. Huawei is always focusing on cooperating with others to enhance the development of ICT.

In a word, ICT industry will become very promising and prosperous. Top ICT companies will bring a revolution to technology. This will help people in the world communicate more and more convenient and easier.

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