SAP EN - 10 Asian Languages Case Study

About The Project

The service is

  • Translation into ZF,ZH,HI,IN,MA,JA,KO,TA,TH,VI for SAP

Client’s Requirements

The job is again requested for chemical safety data sheets of SAP!


Project 7438 Please replace the given English phrase in column E by the translation.
Project 5116 First of all, find the correct line for your working language. e.g. Norwegian in line 9.Then please check the given translation in comparison with the English source and insert the correct phrase into column F, even though no change was necessary. Please comment in column G on your decision.
Project 4893 Please transfer the language names (column E) to the spelling in the native language (column F).
Project 5005 Please replace the given English phrase in column G by the translation.

Timeline: should finish the job within a business day

Our Solution

  • Read carefully the client’s note, follow the client’s notes to assign the jobs to the corresponding translators

Inspiration from the Job

1) Reliable resources are very important. We should have at least 1-2 usual translators of each language for SAP, as the timeline is very tight, we need the translator’s soonest response and delivery to meet the deadline; if 1 of the translators is not available, we contact the second translator (so is feasible for other languages) to make sure all languages are smoothly assigned and accepted by the translators at the first place.

2) Also, as a PM, I should grasp the client’s requirements, such as, replacing English column with target languages (not bilingual), rename the file name, pay attention to the LC and SAP abbreviations for each language, and classify the files for each language as is required by the client.

3) I should check the translator’s progress on translation, and check their translation quality briefly before delivery. Sometimes we got feedback from the client regarding questions in certain language, and I should check them with corresponding language translators and send back the soonest solutions to the client to make the client satisfied. So after-sale service is also very important.

About Client

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with locations in more than 130 countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services with 40-year history of innovation – and access late-breaking company news, financial and investor information, career opportunities, and more.


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