CCJK Technologies, Your Reliable & Powerful Russian Marketing Assistant

CCJK Technologies, Your Reliable & Powerful Russian Marketing Assistant

The heavy Industrial development in Russia is very well, but Russia needs to do more to develop their light industries.

The main reason that can account for Russia’s backwardness of Russian light industries is the lack of equipments. The main reason for the lackness of equipments is that Russian entrepreneurs would rather invest in heavy industries than light industries, which will promise a higher and faster returns.

First, from an economic perspective, Russia has an accelerating economic recovery in recent years, Export is one of the main reasons that promote the gradual recovery of its economy.

But In the export market, the main export commodities are mineral products like oil and gas, as a resource exporting countries, the rapid development of the Russian mining industry will promise a rocket up in the needs of equipments.

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Second, the existing irrational industrial structure in Russia will keep the lackness of equipments existing for the next few years, machinery industry is unlikely to improve in short term, Russian machinery enterprises can not meet the needs of the domestic market, while the domestic demand for machinery and equipment-increasing in resent years for the accelerating economic recovery. Meanwhile many old devices need to be upgraded, these two main reason will promise a huge potential markets in Russia.

There is one more reason that will fuel the development of Russia’s light industries, the Winter Olympic. In 2014, for the first time, the Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi Russia, which will resulted in a large-scale domestic infrastructure constructions to satisfy this historical event.

The infrastructure projects will increase rapidly, this will greatly boosted the demand for construction machinery and equipment, According to Russian News Agency reported, There are more than 3,000 federal special construction projects included in Russia’s 2006-2014 development plan for the Sochi City Olympic Winter Games. which is a huge potential market for machinery and equipment manufacturers around the world .

Are you ready for the emerging Russian market?

Global Firms seek to capture more revenue from international markets, manufacturers need to know how to capitalize on these opportunities quickly. The desire to expand to new markets have led most companies to localise their products into many target language versions. Localization is the first and critical step to popularize your products around the world and expand your business internationally.

CCJK’s translation team consists of members who are not only qualified as a translator, but also have experience of this industry. With many experience of providing Russian localization services and Russian translation services, we feel confident that our services can help you overcome your languages barrier thus make your products or services more comfortable and user friendly to Russian users. You will surely benefit from our cost effective and innovative services.

CCJK’s native Russian translators’ name have been credited with many manufacturing services project to Russia.

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