Medicare Project Case Study


There are about 18000 words for this medicare project, but there are only 3300 words that are under 99% matches and 11000 words are repetitions. The source files are 7 PDFs with 8 pages on each. After the translation is completed, we need to format the Word files against the source PDFs to make sure that they match perfectly.


1. As there were so few words to be translated and so many words that were repetitions, the client firstly required to have those unknown segments extracted and translated and carefully edited. After the unknown segments have been translated and edited, then created a new TM using that file to populate the other files in the whole project, so that the consistency would be guaranteed. The client’s most concern for this project was consistency. Also, the client required to do this project in Trados2011.

2. After the translation and editing were completed, the client needed us to do the formatting against the source English PDF files, he required all the things should be the same as the source, including the font, bullet etc.


1. CCJK tried some ways to hope to extract the unknown segments as required, but we haven’t found a good way to do this in Trados2011 and Trados2011 is different from Trados2007 in this. We have exported the unknown segments, but the format was complicated for doing translation or editing and they would possibly be unable to import back.

We suggested to the client that we could directly do in Trados2011 and it was very convenient to deal with repetitions words by Trados2011 and we would do it very carefully to make sure the very high consistency.

2. CCJK assigned the typesetting professional to do the formatting. But the client thought the delivery was not so perfect as the bullet looked not the same as the source, and there were some other issues to be fixed, some issues were not paid attention to, but the client found them out.

We should learn from the client for this to be always with a strict working attitude. Then CCJK fixed them again carefully according to the client’s feedback.


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