Medical English Translation Skills(2):Change of Part of Speech

Change of Part of Speech is unavoidable in translation. There are four kinds of changes: Change to Verbs, Change to Nouns, Change to Adjectives, and Change to Adverbs. Here just focus on the first part, Change to Verbs.

Note: Some of the sentences below are translated by myself.

I. Change to Verbs

  1. from Verb-related Nouns

The prevention of sudden cardiac death by long-term administration of antiarrhythmic drugs(抗心律失常药物) is based on sound physiological principles.


The careful analysis of the patient’s history shows that urticaria is a sort of clinical clue to viral hepatitis.


  1. from Be +Adj. Pattern

When one is suspicious ofthe reliability of the history told by the patient himself, it shouldbe checked against information obtained from his family or acquaintance.

We were originally not aware of the possible association between disc lesions   and arachnoiditis(蛛网膜炎).


  1. from Phrasal Prepositions

The diagnosis should not be made unless the lung fields are clear on X-rays.

Patients with acute nephritis 急性肾炎的病人

Get the patient out of danger 使病人脱离了危险

From the burnt area into the general circulation 从烧伤部位进入全身循环

  1. from Adv. after linking Verbs

Steps have been taken to speed up the plan lest we might be behind in the schedule.


No assessment of the patient condition is available before the clinical   experiment is over.


To be continued.

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