French is an important and beautiful language. It is one of the six languages of the United Nations and has 275 million speakers around the world. This language is also famous among evident language learners. However, learning it for a non-native is not an easy task achieve. The objectives and capacity of understanding and retain the information are also important. Nonetheless, it has its own challenges and it is of foremost importance to look for the method that bests suits an individual. Every language is difficult to learn for a non-native who has to learn it as a foreign language. Initially, it seems tough and hard to learn. Gradually with the passage of time, it becomes easier and more convenient to learn.

11 Fun Tricks To Ace The French Language

The individuals also have to work on the strategies which can help them to learn the language more carefully. It is also important to be mindful of certain facts while learning French. Additionally, learners should also consider the timeline that one requires for learning French. Here are eleven fun tricks that can help you learn the language more quickly.

1. Learning French Every Day in Bits and Pieces

Learning a new language asks for commitment and dedication. There should be consistency in every practice. If you are really dedicated to learning French, make it to a point where you daily dedicate some time to learning this language. Studying French or even a few words of this language for 20 minutes a day could be effective and efficient and long-lasting rather than spending a lot of hours on language acquisition once a week or fortnightly.

Following this practice can make even the hardest languages such as Chinese and Arabic easy if you start giving allocating fixed time daily. Consistency is extremely important and not being consistent will bring you nothing but the impossibility of learning any new language.

So have you taken the note? The first step is the commitment to learn French every day.

2. Don’t be afraid of Mistakes

To err is human and learning a new language is a tough task. It is not easy to master a new language. It requires a lot of effort and most importantly consistency. Besides that, it is important to note that you don’t get afraid of committing mistakes. We all learn this way. Making mistakes is natural and part of the game. Every mistake made in the process will make you keep things in place for a long. It also feels awkward at times to learn a foreign language and to speak it incorrectly. It might convey a feeling of being a fool, mispronouncing the words, but once again, consistency is the key.

Accepting the mistakes and rectifying them make you stronger and you start learning better. Slowly and gradually, you can master the art of the French language. A language learner should never fear making mistakes.

3. Practice, and Practice Every Day

Learning a language asks for a lot of practice. Learn the French words, sentences, and grammar and you may try making new sentences as well. Find a partner and practice speaking French with him. Learning new grammar, expressions, and vocabulary from textbooks is a process of studying. However, the implementation of this learned knowledge in the real and practical world is called practice. To retain the knowledge for longer and to stay in the field, practicing new skills and language is inevitable. Therefore, the quickest way possible to learn a new language is to find opportunities to speak French every now and then.

4. Practicing out Loud

This fun trick to learn a language could make you awkward at first. However, it is crucial to learn French that you practice out loud so that if you sense any mispronunciation or interpret a word wrong, you can correct yourself right away.

Even if you have learned ten sentences about your name, yourself, and where you work, whispering those and speaking out loud can be of great help in the process of learning French effectively. Speaking aloud is a therapy that can fix the words and sentences in a human’s long-term memory.

Language learning is so like learning to play a musical instrument. It can not be learned in your imagination rather you have to play it for learning. Once you play the instrument you get to know about the sound and notes, their sequence, and final sound. Practice makes you perfect so start doing it right away.

5. Find a French Mate in You

Practicing the learned French with a native French speaker could be the best thing to practice. However, there is more fun in having a French conversation with yourself as you might not find a French speaker around you and that should not stop you from doing the practice. Regardless of the fact that you are either communicating to the French speaker or yourself in the mirror, practicing and uttering the learned vocabulary and grammar is important. It can enhance your learning process and the French vocabulary.

You might feel awkward while doing so but remember practice is all that is important. Starting this practice initially with a minute or so and taking it to ten to fifteen minutes daily can progress your language learning like nothing. Once you get fluent with the chatting yourself in French you’ll never run away having a long detailed conversation even with a native French speaker.

6. Using a Language Exchange Apps

There are popular language exchange apps available such as Tandem and HelloTalk. They are setting new trends for language learners. These apps make it a lot easier than ever for the learners to look for some native speakers and to talk and practice with them.

These apps also enable simplification of the process of setting up language exchange to help in practicing with French and other French speakers.

7. Using Media for French Learning

It is the same as the first tip of practicing the French every day. Similarly using media to enhance your French skills is also one great idea that works very well. Watching a French film or reading a French book, or opting for listening to the French speakers on podcasts are all good.

As long as you start giving some time of the day to French and make it part of your everyday routine, your language skills are never going to fade away. Podcasts are a great option to give yourself a French dose every day and several free French podcasts are also available.

8. Avoiding Long Vocab Lists and French Words

Language learners often believe that the best way to learn a new language is by having a grip on the long list of vocabulary and memorizing it. This practice is not right though. Human brains do not tend to like languages that way. Memorizing words hardly store the words in the short-term memory to fade away soon.

It might stay for a couple of days only to disappear later. The words which are added to the human brain by reading a book or having conversations are the best ones to remember for the long term.

9. Consider Taking a class

French is one language that is most common among evident language learners. There are formal classes that offer French language learning in almost every region. People who have the finances, and time and can commit to a full-time language program should avail the chance. These are also available to enroll part-time. Classes help in better learning as compared to self-directed learning.

Teachers and instructors in the classroom can correct and rectify the mistakes that students make right away to ensure learners have an amicable experience. Moreover, the language content and course are presented in an interactive and fun way in the class that keeps intact in the memory longer. You can have your fellows who can practice with you as well. Even if you are a busy person or a student already, going to French class once or twice a week can have a significant impact on your French learning.

10. Enroll Online

The next fun tip asks you to enroll online. This era and the era to come to belong to advanced technology and online mediums. There are thousands of French programs that have been designed by experts and are quite economical. However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that premium courses come with a certain price. Most of these have been designed by the expert native French speakers and learners can avail these courses and can enroll themselves as per their convenience and availability. The core goal of the course developers is to make language learning easy and interactive. These are quite interactive and more fun as compared to the free courses available and hence, worth investment.

11. Immersion learning

French immersion learning or immersion learning of any other language is so much fun and most intensive. An immersion language learning is a method that is used in language education and every single activity that students perform or conduct is carried out in a foreign language. Its main goal is that students not only read it as a theoretical subject and rather use it as a tool to communicate and learn in a fun way. However, immersing in a different culture and place that doesn’t speak a language that one uses at home could make the learner learn it at a faster pace. Hence, if you ever plan to consider immersing yourself make sure that you are ready to pick and plunge yourself into a foreign culture and local.

Final words

French is a popular language that is spoken by more than 275 million people around the globe. It is also one of the languages of the United Nations. French is extremely popular among new language learners and learning it comes with a lot of opportunities. Learning a new language could be tough for a non-native, hence eleven of the easiest and most fun tricks have been shared for the evident learners to check and be mindful of before going for the language learning.