Committed to providing professional and quality translations

For decades, we have mastered the art of providing quality-driven content in the shortest possible time. We take great pride in our international pool of 5,000 native translators who work 24/7 to provide your desired services. Let us take care of all your translation needs, freeing you address your core tasks. You can completely rely on our services for speed, quality, cultural sensitivity, and accuracy.

Legal Documents

CCJK has been providing expert Spanish Translation Services for two decades. Our highly qualified, industry-specific Spanish language professionals specialize in legal translations. We only work with the most experienced and accredited experts, and our team understands the risks and expectations associated with legal translations. You can expect all your translations to be professional, accurate, and delivered on time. We cater to law firms and state, local, and federal agencies, as well as trade associations and courts.

Life Sciences Documents

We are the partner of choice for worlds leading pharmaceutical companies and healthcare centers. Our Spanish medical translators have worked closely in the healthcare system which is why we produce highly accurate and professional translations. We are trusted for fast, accurate and quality translations by Spanish language professionals. We translate all medical documents including Medical instrument operation manuals, Medical contracts, Clinical protocol reports, Medical software localization, Online helping files, medical patent documents, medical research reports, medical data, diagnostic reports, medical online teaching courses, medical videos.

Manufacturing Documents

Clients choose CCJK for Spanish business document translation because of our accurate and professional translations as well as our fast turnaround. We have high regards for our clients which is why you will always receive world class translations for all your business documents.
Our translations are in complete compliance of all Spanish business regulations. Additionally, we have a strict policies which protect your privacy, however, if you need any privacy agreements, we will be willing to sign it. We support all business documents including company bylaws for corporations, minutes of meetings, operating agreements, business plans, and memorandum of understanding, contracts and online terms of use.

Financial Documents

In the past few years, CCJK has gained the reputation of the most reliable Spanish translation service providers. We work with Spanish, financial experts who provide accurate, secure and customized financial document translations by native professionals.
Our translators understand that financial documents vary in different regions. Our language experts are well aware of these differences. We specialize in Spanish financial guidelines, formatting, numbering and terms.

Consumer Product Documents

Marketing guidelines vary from country to country and we understand that. Our professional Spanish marketing experts know what works in the Spanish market and what doesn’t. All our translations are culturally relevant, highly accurate and effective. You can expect a perfect reflection of your content in terms of context, cultural relevance and intended message.
We provide complete end to end solutions for all your translation needs that is culturally relevant and highly accurate. CCJK caters to a variety of marketing documents including websites, videos, social media content, press releases, business correspondence and newsletters

Automotive Documents

Our continued work for the automotive giants of today has helped us in staying linguistically ahead of the rest. Our Spanish Automotive translators are fluent in the language of technology, henceforth continuing to write success stories for our clients
Additionally, we have an elaborate quality control system which ensures that your project is translated by an industry specific expert so you only receive the best and most relevant translations. To make this an even more pleasurable experience, we provide our services at exceptionally affordable rates.

Languages We Support Documents

We provide impeccably translated and highly accurate legal documents. Our services cater to law firms, state, local and federal government agencies as well as trade associations and courts. At CCJK you will find the perfect solution for all you document translation needs at any time, in any language. federal government agencies as well as trade associations and courts. At CCJK you will find the perfect solution for all you document translation needs at any time, in any language.

Better Quality Control System

Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

Quality Assurance

Staying true to an integral part of our business philosophy, we have developed a systematic quality assurance procedure.

Fastest Turnaround

At CCJK, we provide unparalleled turnaround. Many translations are returned the same day. In cases with a tight deadline, we split the work for faster service.

Unbeatable Pricing

Unlike many costly world-class services, we offer affordable prices for superior services. Why? Because we love to make our clients happy.

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