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Automotive is a profitable industry with an annual growth rate of 13.44%. CCJK is a professional automotive translation company with skilled resources, helping automotive businesses maximize their market share in the industry. We customize automotive translation services to clients’ needs and allow them to resonate with global audiences both linguistically and culturally.

Our native translators are competent in industry-specific terminologies and have years of experience in translating telematics, ADAS, chassis components, and various other automotive parts and systems. With an in-depth knowledge of automotive parts, our translation solutions exhibit 100% accuracy and precision.

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Automotive Translation Services with Technical Precision

Since 2002, CCJK has been providing translation solutions for automotive industry and allowing our clients to navigate the technical jargon of automotive documents. Our corporate automotive translation services are tailored specifically to meet global business objectives and provide reliable translation solutions with clarity.

We maintain consistency in technical terminologies throughout the translated documents. As a legitimate automotive translation agency, we possess a deep understanding of automotive systems and provide comprehensive translations to businesses for global market expansion.

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Automotive Terminology

Get Your Automotive Terminology Right

From research and development to the assembly and manufacturing of automotive parts, automotive operations are complicated and require technical documentation at each step. We understand the delicacy of these automotive documents and provide translations in multiple languages. Our seasoned translator delivers premium quality automotive translation services for technical manuals, user guides, parts catalogs, inspection reports, and warranty papers.

We have structured a proven translation project management system to ensure the speedy and on-time delivery of tasks. Our car manual translation services guarantee technical clarity, so even a layperson will understand complex and technical automotive manuals despite the linguistic differences.

Translations For All Types Of Automotive Technical Documentations

For two decades, CCJK has been delivering top-notch automotive industry translation services to our clientele worldwide. We create and maintain translation glossaries for every project to ensure consistency of tone, terminologies, and language throughout the translations. We provide professional automotive translation services for the following documents.

Market Expansion
Vehicle Manuals

Include safety precautions, maintenance schedules, and procedures for troubleshooting. These manual translations can help vehicle owners and technicians across the globe to maintain and troubleshoot vehicles.

Increased Sales
Technical Specifications

Contain information like vehicle design, oil and fuel capacity, engine performance and specifications, feature details, etc. Translating such specifications helps foreign consumers make informed decisions about a vehicle purchase.

Enhance Your Branding
Engineering Drawings

Detailed manufacturing drawings of a vehicle that demonstrate its design, structure, systems, and other components. Automotive translations allow foreign engineers to understand vehicle development and production processes.

Regulatory Compliance
Warranty Documents

Outline all terms and conditions of a vehicle warranty offered by a seller or manufacturer. It contains information like the warranty period, claim procedure, rights and responsibilities of both parties, etc. Translations of such documents into foreign languages strengthen the global brand image.

Dedicated Support
Testing and Validation Reports

Reports demonstrate the vehicle’s performance assessment, safety, drivability, braking, electronic stability control, etc. Translations are required for international automotive certifications and to get vehicle approval in foreign markets.

Custom Solutions
Legal Compliance Documents

Showcase a vehicle’s adherence to legal standards and procedures. Manufacturers, distributors, and owners require these documents to ensure their vehicle’s compliance with safety, local licenses, emissions, etc.

Dedicated Support
Repair Manuals

Detailed guides, instructions, and procedures to maintain and repair your vehicle. The translation of these documents allows foreign technicians to perform quality repairs and make the right diagnosis of the issues.

Dedicated Support
Marketing and Sales Material

Promotional content (brochures, ads, marketing campaigns, etc.) is used by automotive businesses to create brand awareness, and market their products and services to potential customers. Such content must be translated to create relevance for your brand in a foreign country.

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Why Do Clients Trust Us for Automotive Translations?

CCJK is a reliable automotive translation service provider, offering translation solutions for automotive businesses. Top automotive companies seek our translation services and rely on us for global success.


Certified Translators

Our translators are subject matter experts who possess technical knowledge. We have a pool of 30,000+ native translators who employ linguistic skills and are dedicated to providing accurate and culture appropriate translation solutions.


On-time Delivery

At CCJK, we understand the urgency of translations and provide translated documents on time with professionalism. With our well-established processes and automated team collaborations, we ensure the fastest project delivery.


Rigorous QA Testing

We follow a rigorous QA testing method to confirm that the final outcomes adhere to technical requirements. At CCJK, our commitment is to deliver quality translations with technical perfection to clients.


Cost-Effective Translations

We keep our automotive translation rates economical and reasonable, with no hidden expenses. Clients can customize their translation plans to meet their budgets and project requirements.

We Translate Automotive Documents Into 800+ Language Pairs

At CCJK, we offer vehicle and car translation service in more than 230 languages. Partner with us to translate technical and complex automotive manuals and documents in a wide range of language dialects.

Certified Automotive Translations For Seamless Global Communication

Our Network of Professional Linguists

Sarah Jones

With a degree in linguistics and a background in automotive translation, she excels at translating press releases, website content, and marketing brochures. Sarah’s ability to capture the brand voice and translate marketing messages with cultural understanding makes her a valuable and reliable resource.

Thomas Dubois

Thomas is a veteran automotive translator with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in translating complex technical documents like service manuals and engineering reports. Thomas’s strong work ethic and in-depth knowledge of automotive terminology ensure accurate and reliable translations for global car parts suppliers.

Elena Petrova

Elena is a detail-oriented automotive translator with a knack for cultural adaptation. Fluent in English, Russian, and German, she excels at translating marketing materials and user interfaces, ensuring they resonate with international audiences.

David Chen

David is a highly motivated automotive translator with a strong background in engineering. Prior to entering the translation field, he worked as a mechanical engineer. This gave him a deep understanding of automotive terminology and technical concepts. David leverages this expertise to deliver accurate translations of owner’s manuals, repair guides, and other technical documents for the Asian market.

Lina Ramirez

Lina is a seasoned automotive translator with over 10 years of experience. She specializes in translating technical manuals, service bulletins, and marketing materials for a variety of car manufacturers. Lina’s bilingual upbringing and fluency in both English and Spanish allow her to bridge the gap between cultures and ensure clear communication.

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Yes, we do translate automotive software, user interfaces, diagnostic tools, and navigation systems and also adapt them for different target audiences to ensure consistency.

We provide certified translations for automotive legal documents and patents to secure your intellectual property. Our translation solutions are accurate and can be used on an official level.

Our translators and stakeholders sign a non-disclosure agreement that ensures the confidentiality of your documents. You can completely rely on us, as your information is safe here.

The turnaround time for automotive projects depends on the length, urgency, and complexity of the documents. However, we always deliver on time and prioritize our clients’ needs.

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