As for manuals writing, the purpose of the writer is to instruct the consumers how to use or operate the products easily and avoids some potential hazards correctly, what determines the contents of the manuals. And the contents are reflected in the manuals by its outside form—language features.

They are the tools to show the contents to consumers, and the tools are to satisfy the writer’s original purposes. This chapter, based on some examples, tries to make a brief study about the features and functions of manuals.

Features of Product Manuals

At first, let’s look at the following product manuals:

①Purifying Matte Finish Toner contains oil-absorbing powder to leave skin with smooth,matte finish. This refreshing formula, enriched with ivy extract, revitalizes and refines skin, Hypo-allergenic, Non-eomedogenic (won’t clog pores) Dermatologist-tested.

This is an example of pore-fection purifying matte finish toner. From it, we can find the features of manuals. Firstly, it is very accurate. There are specialized words, such as “matte finish”, “ivy extract”, “revitalizes”, “refines”, “Hypo-allergenic”, “Non-eomedogenic”.

In a product manuals, we should use specialized vocabulary. They should faithfully and clearly present the technical details of the products, which can be understood by readers. Secondly, it is concise.

The feature of conciseness requires some unnecessary details should be mentioned in manuals, such as the reasons or causes, but other than the technical product details. This manual uses less then 30 words, but expresses all the information and functions completely. It’s refined and informative as an integrative whole.

Thirdly, it is very authentic. We can find some words are very accurate and trustworthy, such as “Hypo-allergenic”. It states that all the toner’s elements are extracted from natural plants, but it doesn’t use “non-allergenic”, because it should accurately present the result tested by dermatologist. It’s dangerous to overstate the functions or lessen the harm. This kind of case is usually found in manuals of comestic or pharmaceutical.

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