How to create a bilingual version file?

When we completed translation using Trados, how can we create a bilingual version file so that we can read source and target language in one file?

Now, please follow me to try to create a bilingual version file, there are 7 steps.

1. Select all the words in the document.(Click “Edit” menu and then select “Select All ” or click Ctrl + A)

2. Click “Fonts” button on the “Format” menu, (Or right-click and then click (Fonts) button from the shortcut menu) and then you can see a pop window “Fonts”.

Please note: we have to choose the “Fonts” from the “Format” menu, not the “fonts” tab in Options dialog box of the Tools menu

3. Clear the marks on the” hidden text” check box in the “Effect” area and then click OK to save your selections.

4. Click “Replace” button on the “Edit” menu to

Replace all the “{0>” in the current with spaces.

Replace all the “ <0} ” in the current with “^p” (line break)

replace all the “100” “99” “98” … match tag (Please search if have any other below 100% match tag, like “100”“99”“98”…,if you find any tag like these, please also replace them with “^t”(tabs) or “^p” (line break) ) in the current with “^t”(tabs) or “^p” (line break): if you replace with “^t”(tabs), you can get a bilingual version with right-left arrangement. If you replace with “^p” (line break), you can get a bilingual version with up down arrangement.

Now if you just need a .doc bilingual version, congratulations! You have completed. But in some cases, our client needs the translations which arrange or display in table form. That is we have to convert the text to tables. If so, you have to read the following 3 steps.

5. Click “Format” menu, select “Convert” then you will see “Converts text to a table” tab, please click this button.

6. Now you will see a pop up window, you just need to mark “Tab” and then click OK to save your selection.

7. Now Congratulations again! A bilingual version with table format comes into being!

Want more information about how to use trados ? See here

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