Technology through the development of HTML5, the threshold for users to access mobile games will be greatly reduced. Numerous class application platform for shop-style rapid rise, no doubt has a number of advantages, such as the App Store is more intuitive, interactive experience, such as design and site experience better than text based, intuitive applications through the App Store icon, as a user and platform communication link.

Through HTML5 technology, a large number of mobile Internet sites can also build the client application-like user interface, design and interactive experience, mobile Internet site in one fell swoop would be twisted to change the tide. Users to access mobile games can be more convenient, even without downloading, can be carried out directly online mobile game, mobile game users to access the threshold will be greatly reduced.

Technology through the development of HTML5, will reduce the production cost of mobile games. The current mobile game developers need more than one operating system or a specific range of terminal adapter, internal repeat serious depletion of resources, the quality of the user’s mobile phone game for the pursuit of difficult to guarantee.

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Through HTML5, troubled development of mobile games mobile phone system and terminal adapter problems will be resolved to some extent, across multiple terminals (such as PC and mobile phone) between the transplant will become easier, many mobile phone games and leisure type and quantity of the game will be greatly enriched. Therefore, through the development of HTML5 technology will reduce the production cost of mobile games.

Technology through the development of HTML5 will be the catalyst for the development of mobile network games. Mobile terminals and network development, mobile gaming has achieved rapid growth, but still there is still more problems, such as when the players invited to play games with friends, taking into account the online model adaptation is complete, friends, phone performance is the same, or wap game screen is too single-issue.

With the advent of HTML5, plus tariffs and the gradual relaxation of network speed, mobile online games will have a better room to grow, players can easily invite friends, and a low threshold to participate in games, easier to quickly create mobile social network users ties, cell phone games page will also be a new life. Therefore, through the HTML5 technology, will be the catalyst for the development of mobile network games.

HTML5 technology will be the mobile game industry the key to the future. By HTML5 technology, mobile entertainment as one of the important ways the mobile phone game, more and more people will enter the mobile phone terminal, and to an “all ages” full coverage of the direction of mobile phone users.

“We are very clear HTML5 technology is still in its early stages, but game developers have been able to use it to develop great games, we believe, will soon begin the game industry touted this new technology in the next three years, HTML5 technology gaming devices is expected to become the new technical standards. “SPIL’s Dutch branch president Peter – Mendelsohn said.

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