Give me a break! 你得了吧。

Human being is a kind of strange animal. According to the statistics of the USA, there are about more than 300 sentences are telling a lie by a person in everyday. The people who contacts with you every day, no matter he/she is intentional or not, there always are hundreds of lies, which are passed into your eyes. Isn’t it bothered? Just saying “Give me a break!”.

I am just looking. 我只是随便看看。

When you go to shops and want to buy something. Being disturbing is not a happy thing, right? So when the saleswoman comes, just say “I am just looking.” to express that you are still not need to be serviced, just want to look around frrst.

Put on airs. 摆架子,装模作样。

Superiority is the motive power, which promotes our civilization to move ahead. So people usually tend to put on airs and show to others. In the usually life, we usually say others that Put on airs. So you can use:“Put on airs.” in this kind of situation.

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Get the green light. 得到许可,获准。

English is so easy that you can only choose the easiest words to express what you want to say, kind and easy to be understood. For example, as long as you know that it is allowed to pass when the green light is bright. So how it is easy to remember that “Get the green light!”, which is equal to “approved.”。
Drive (someone) up the wall.快把人逼疯了、狗急跳墙。

The origin meaning of “Drive” is equal to “navigate” “steer”, but when it is followed with somebody, the meaning of “drive” is concerned with making somebody to do something. So the meaning of “drive someone up the wall” is used to describe somebody is forced too serious to bear.

Be my guest. 请便;别客气,让我请客。

The literal meaning is “be my guest.”, that is to say it’s my treat. And can be thought as grant other’s request. So when somebody wants to eat your apple or wants to take part in your party, you can say “Be my guest.”.

Allow me . 请让我来。

When you want to help others without his/her requirement, you can say “Allow me.”. This is a very gentlemanlike and manner saying and be used by most of men.(男士们学一点噢,^-^)

Do I make myself clear? 你听得懂我的意思吗?

“Do I make myself clear?” this sentence is used, when you reject others’ reyuest or you let him/her not do something, so you can’t use it except these two situation.
(啊,竟然是在不答应的时候说的,我以前肯定用错地方了,:( )

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Don”t even think about it. 连想都别想。

When somebody wants to do something, but you think it’s impossible or hard for him/her to make it, in order to stop him/her to do it, you can say “Don”t even think about it.”. But you’d better use it carefully, it’s not a manner sentence.

My point is… 我的重点是… …

After you said too many, but the important point is very simple, so in order to repeat the important what you want to repeat, you can say “My point is….”

Never mind. 算了。

The meaning of “Never mind.” is that nothing is important, just forget about it; or when you want to tell somebody something or you want somebody to give you a hand, but he/she didn’t hear clearly, and you think that is no matter, then you can say “Never mind.”.

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