About the Project
The client requested us to translate a large project from English to Thai translation.

Volume: over 70000 words

Time: 10 working days

Field: mechanics

Characters: this is a continuous project.

The client’s requirements and/or the challenges are as following:

1. Thai isn’t a letter language.

Problem: a. It can’t be displayed normally in our client’s side. There will appear many question marks (?) or boxes (□).

2. Volume is large and time is short.

Problem: we should finish it before deadline and keep consistency.

3. It is professional mechanics.

Problem: it needs professional mechanics translators.

4. It is a continuous project.

Problem: The client maybe will ask us to do updating from time to time in the future.

CCJK Solution
1. We changed code. And install Thai font. At the same time, we also asked our client to install it. Then the cleaned translation file can be displayed normally.

2. We arranged two translators and one proofreader to do this project.

There are many translators (EN-Thai) in our talent pool. However, we still asked them to do project test and carefully selected three most suitable and excellent translators who are professional in mechanics. Two of them did translation. The third one did proofreading.

3. Two translators should do Glossary file when they were doing translation. They deliver files by batches together with Glossary file. Then the proofreader arranged the Glossary when he did proofreading. We send updated Glossary file and updated TM from proofreader to the translators. Proofreader do QA by Xbench before delivery.

4. We keep TM and Glossary updated at any necessary time. It is convenient for future continuous projects.

Finally, the PM will check the file before delivering to the client. If necessary, PM would send the QA result to the proofreader for checking. Therefore, problems can be resolved during so many steps. And the quality can be promised.

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