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Chemical science refers to the technology and disciplines of chemistry. The application of chemical science is widely used in chemical engineering, oil refining, metallurgy, pharmacies, Energy, environmental protection and beauty industry.

It is also capable of converting chemical raw materials into more than 70,000 various kinds of consumer products, such as PE, PVC, PU, paper, cosmetics, clothes, rubber products and medicine.

There are more than 3 trillion global enterprises in chemical industry. Chemical business can be categorized into a basic chemicals (about 35-37% of the dollar output), life sciences (30%), specialty chemicals (20-25%) and consumer products (about 10%). In recent years, the chemistry business has shown sharp growth for more than the past fifty years.

Especially in 2011, this year is a very successful year all over chemical industry. Global chemical production (excluding pharmaceuticals) grew by 4.8%, the growth stabilized at a high level.

As the data stated in BASF Report 2011 that chemical production growth rate in European Union is up to 1.6%, thanks to the close links between the chemical industry and fast-growing, export-oriented customer industries, chemical production increased more rapidly in Germany ( more than 2.1%)) than in the European Union. Chemical production in Japan, however, posted a significant decline (reduced by 3.1%) as a result of the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

In the United States, the overall economic situation also led to slower growth in the chemical industry (only 2.1%). Chemical production grew strongly once again in South America (rise up to 4.7%) and Asia (excluding Japan) (jump into 11.1%). With the technology innovation of chemical science, we can see a very promising market in chemical industry.

CCJK is capable of providing chemistry/chemical science translation and localization services to the expanded and fast-growing chemical enterprises. With 12 years of rich experience in translating chemical website content, chemical science documentation, chemical products manual and marketing materials, we have formed a dedicated chemical translation team to meet your diversified needs, the translators who have strong chemical background, as well as fluent in English and master in his/her mother tongue.

Their expertise can assure accuracy meets deadlines and budgets. CCJK appreciate the need to meet chemical industry regulations and realize that accurate translations are critical. Our mission is to help chemical enterprises develop integrated solutions for communication across the international markets, facilitate and streamline chemical business processes to maximize economic benefits.

Why CCJK is your best choice?

Whole-hearted Service

To perfectly comprehend the functional and cultural context of the translation you desire, CCJK strives to offer most sincere pre-sales service listening to every little bit of the possible detail of your chemical translation needs that others could easily neglect.

Professional Translators

CCJK only assigns language translation tasks to its handpicked professional translators specializing in the chemical science industry that your source text concerns.

Quality Assurance (QA)

CCJK has forged a streamlined QA process for language and document translation projects that will guarantee both precision and clarity of the translated works. Independent proofreaders with chemical degree to review the translation work. He/she put emphasis on correcting the use of technical vocabulary, consistent style and readability of whole document.

Punctual Delivery

Understanding what punctual delivery means to the client, CCJK has kept a sound record of punctuality in delivering language and document translation services.


A quality-sensitive translation company’s work does not finish when the actual translation is delivered. Interactive amendments based on your feedback guarantees client satisfaction and long term benefits. CCJK endeavors to maintain the highest level of quality for you.


CCJK fully understands that confidentiality is of critical concern to you and your business partners and strives to offer top privacy guidelines for the language translation services.

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CCJK manage localization and translation communications to a global audience for an extensive range of enterprises in areas like:

  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Chemical biology
  • Chemo-informatics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Photochemistry
  • Geochemistry
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Physical organic chemistry
  • Radiochemistry
  • Phytochemisty
  • Molecular chemistry

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