Legal document translation is one of the important parts of professional translations, which is relevant to all aspects of our lives, such as buying a car, buying insurance, signing commercial contracts, etc.

As an all-range translator, it is not easy to do well in legal translation. Here are some tips for this:

  1. Make yourself master of the source language and target language, which is also the basis for completing translating tasks in all areas. There is also an old Chinese saying that goes like this: Precise knowledge of self and precise knowledge of the threat leads to victory. What wisdom it is.
  2. Equip yourself with certain translating skills, which can boost your translating speed and improve your translating quality. This means that you should have certain amount of translation accumulations and experience.
  3. Rigorous working attitude is also essential to legal document translation, as legal document itself is quite solemn. We have to say, you may need this whenever you are doing translating, for attitude decides everything.
  4. Do lots of researching and study on this before you start. For it is an brand new translating field to us, we hardly come into contact with it before. Moreover, laws are different from country to country, so, legal terminology in one country may not applicable to the laws in another country. Before you get started, you got have to know it in a general.
  5. There are lots of branches in legal translations such as Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Traffic Laws etc. They are some subdividing fields of laws, which are certainly different from each other, so don’t confuse one law with another, and you have to be clear-minded.
  6. Translated version itself is a legal document too, which can be used in courts or out courts, paying special attention to this when doing translating. Otherwise, misunderstanding and inadequacy will arise.

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As a universal type of translating, legal documents translation seems not to be so hard on condition that you have did lots of translations in aspects of contracts, testimony and certificates etc. Maybe you will find that these documents have similar formats, and there are lots of translating styles that you can refer to.

As a freshman in this unfamiliar translation field, it is inevitable that you will meet lots of obstacles from the beginning, but always remember this, practice makes perfect. You will be professional from the day that you get to know it.

Legal Aid VS Translation Aid

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