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tecsis GmbH is located in Offenbach am Main, Germany. tecsis represents innovative quality solutions in the measuring and sensor technology – worldwide.In more than 90 years, tecsis has developed into a leading manufacturer in the measuring technology area.

This includes force measurement, pressure measurement and temperature measurement. tecsis is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, also for switching solutions such as pressure switches. More details about tecsis could be found in


The original English broschure of tecsis was created with Adobe Indesign and the client wanted to translate all the content into Mandarin (Chinese-Simplified) including the pictures and print it to 1000 copies. There are some technical terms in the files, thus we need to communicate with the tecsis techinicans at the translating, to ensure the accuracy of the translation to the tecsis special terms. Before printing the final file to 1000 copies, we have to ensure  everything is correct, else there will be a largeloss. So all the way we have to comminucate with tecsis’ team. The source files doesn’t include all the picture that are required for printing this broschure, so we have to search the pictures from the high-definition PDFs from previous projects, to keep the quality of the picture in a high standard.


1. CCJK assigned a dedicated team of translators, designers and DTPlists to provide one-stop solution to the client’s predicament.

2. CCJK DTPlist analyze the source files in Indesign, gather the pictures, and convert the Indesign files to inx files, the PM convert inx files to ttx files for the translators. These files can be directly edited and translated by Trados 2007 or 2009 or 2011, and the tags can be kept perfectly.

3. The translated ttx file in bilingual format will be checked by a second linguist, the so called “Editor”, to check if there are any mistranslations or any grammatic, spelling errors.

4. PM will convert the edited ttx file to cleaned inx files again.

5. The DTPlist will check the inx file with Adobe InDesign, combine the images and the texts together, and print the PDF-file.

6. The 3nd linguist – the Proofreader will check the PDF file again and try to find any small mistakes.(space error, spelling mistake, punctuation mistake etc.)

7. DTPlist will edit the file in InDesign again to apply the corrections by the Proofreader.and creat the PDF files in 2 samples.(one with High-Definition and the other with medium definition for client preview)

8. PM will check the PDF file and send it to the client, the translations will be proofreaded again by the techinicans from tecsis to ensure the accuracy.

9. After that the PM has received the feedbacks from the client, the DTPlist will again apply the changes to the files and print it for final review.

10. Upon the approval of the client to the final file, we will send the file to the printing house, and ask them to print a sample. The client will check the sample and if he is 100% satisfied with it then the printing to 1000 copies will proceed.

11. Communication is the key.


By assembling an efficient team consisting of elite linguists, DTP workers and QAers who worked on proven streamlined process, the Mandarin broschure of tecsis was perfectly completed. Now our client is very happy with it and we will do further projects for tecsis and keep the quality of our translation service in a high standard.


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