Trados Studio 2009 is an updated version from SDL Trados 2007, the translation software, which was widely used around the world. Now we will give you a simple and brief introduction about how to use Trados Studio 2009.

Double click the image of software.

And then it enters into following interface.

Click “Open Document”, and select the file which needs to be translated.

If there is a TM which is provided by the client, and then we should open the translation TM.

If there is no TM, we should build a new TM. And the processes are as following:

Click “New translation memory”, and fill the correct content into the corresponding box, after finishing these, click “Finish”, thus a new TM is built. See below image:

After open the file, it enters into such interface.

And then you can start translation now. From the image, we can see the left column contains the source language-English, and the right column is blank, where we should put the translation. After we have finished the translation, we should click this button and the cursor will skip into the next line. Also you can use the hot key, that is Ctrl+Enter. (To be continued)